Amazon is where people turn to when they’re in a pinch! It is a global marketplace of everything from toilet paper to technological devices! Thus, it is customary to wonder, does Amazon sell Kratom?

The answer is more complex than a Yes or No! If you type in any of the names of this substance into the Amazon search bar, you will be greeted with many results and a list of vendors claiming to sell the best Ketum pills, powders, bars, and other ingestible products; you will soon realize that their authenticity is dubious at best.

Because of the controversial rules surrounding the sale of Mitragyna Speciosa products in the USA, Amazon’s official policy is shaky, and they have always shied away from this topic. During 2012-2014, Amazon conducted widespread efforts to remove all traces of this substance on their platform after the FDA and DEA tightened their regulations. Ever since, it has been nearly impossible to successfully buy authentic Kratom products on Amazon.

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Should You Still Look For Kratom On Amazon?

We do not recommend it! Again, in the unlikely event that you come across Kratom on Amazon and both the authenticity of the listing and its seller are commendable, you have no way to ensure that the actual product you receive will be safe to consume.

Furthermore, if Mitragyna Speciosa is illegal to purchase in your country/state, you could get in trouble for placing this order with the customs/post authority. So, it is a bad idea to purchase Kratom on Amazon, be it pills, powders, teas, or other.

However, eventually, it is still possible. As Mitragyna Speciosa products continue to gain traction and become more popular worldwide, the chances of them being sold legitimately on Amazon are increasing. But, for now, stay tuned, be wary of fake sellers of Kratom products on Amazon, and know that you would be better off finding alternate sources of the substance.

What to Consider When Buying Kratom?

The authenticity of your Kratom vendor is of topmost importance. If you are buying it in North America, a good sign is if your vendor is registered with the AKA (American Kratom Association). This association has set rigorous standards for vendors of this substance. It has approved twenty-five vendors to sell this stimulant in the states/regions where it is federally permissible.

Secondly, make sure you read the reviews of your respective vendor(s) if they are on their website, and if you are still looking for them there, Google your vendor to gauge their authenticity and efficiency of service.

Also, a registered and reliable vendor of Mitragyna Speciosa products is likely to have statistics regarding testing and efficacy authorized by a reputable laboratory facility. Make sure you go through those.

Lastly, reach out to your vendor for a short chat. You can also gauge their authenticity from their willingness to discuss their products openly. A reputable vendor would also be open to sending you samples.

Where Should You Purchase Kratom From?

So, we have already mentioned that Amazon, the marketplace for virtually everything in the world, is a no-go zone when buying this particular herbal compound! However, there is still a way to fulfill your wellness needs with Ketum products; many trustworthy and verified vendors have been selling online for years and have developed a steady fanbase for their products.

Here are a few benefits of purchasing Mitragyna Speciosa products from online sellers:

  • Greater variety of niche products compared to large marketplace sellers. Online vendors catering to wellness and recreation-use customers will likely stock a few exotic Ketum products; they can afford to carry niche products as they are their specialty.
  • Access to third-party testing results. Online vendors are aware of the scams commonplace in this industry. They ensure that they provide potential buyers with authentic and third-party-tested products and abide by strict internal control.

In addition to these vendors, your region likely has a local brick-and-mortar Kratom store. It may not always be advertised as such, disguised under “Herbal Remedy” or “Botanical Aides,” but the concept is similar to that of a dispensary. Legal, easily accessible, and convenient. You can also get Kratom in person via vape stores, weed dispensaries, and similar smoke shops.

Why is Kratom So Controversial, and How to Best Consume it?

While this substance is found in plants and is a naturally-occurring compound, it can still cause significant side effects for some people with gestational intolerances and cause health problems. Thus, the FDA has pushed for federal-level regulation since 2010 and labeled it a “drug of concern.” Despite this, the general public has found both recreational and medical benefit from its consumption and are constantly looking for better vendors are suppliers. The United States is diligent about regulating any stimulant compounds and strives to ensure that people have the complete picture of the consumption of this drug.

But, for many people, Mitragyna Speciosa products are a lifesaver and can help improve everyday living quality. Every user’s experience with this drug is different, but if you are starting your Mitragyna Speciosa journey with extensive research, that is a good sign! The tip that has worked for everyone is to start slowly, incorporate Kratom in your routine gradually, and not buy into the hype of immediate results.

Going slow with your initial dosage will give you the best long-term results and prevent the risk of overdose or the accumulation of any adverse side effects.

Experienced users recommend beginning with no more than three grams of this substance (in most commercially available forms) on an empty stomach. For a beginner, the powdered form of this substance is the most efficient and accessible way to go!

We hope we have answered your question, ‘Does Amazon sell Kratom?‘, and have given you helpful information on how to source this substance reliably. When you start your journey with Mitragyna Speciosa, do your research and do not buy into grandiose health claims!

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1. Should I buy Kratom from Amazon?

Several vendors on Amazon sell kratom, but we do not recommend buying the product from there as the authenticity of these products is often compromised.

2. Where should I buy Mitragyna Speciosa products from if not Amazon?

You can buy authentic products from Kraken Kratom, Super Natural Botanicals, Golden Monk, or Kratom Crazy online. They sell quality products at affordable rates and have great shipping and return policies.

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