The American Kratom Association is an organization created by and for Kratom users. This committee has handled most of the legal challenges brought against the botanical in recent years. They also aim to eliminate rumors by educating the public about the herb’s numerous applications and advantages.

The American Kratom Association is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on donations from other supporters, advocates, and manufacturers. This article will cover the association, its roots, objectives, and some of the most well-known activism it promotes.

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The Association’s Origin

The American Kratom Association came into being in 2014 in response to the discrediting effort initiated against the supplement in 2012. Currently, the group’s establishment is in Virginia.

The association is of the opinion that it is crucial for consumers to keep their freedom of choice and access to information. It is so because inaccurate and prejudiced information does more harm than good.

The American Kratom Association, a group of ethical consumers that includes government officials and scientists, seeks to dispel some of the false information that has harmed the botanical’s image. Moreover, it considers that the goal is to defend users against the problems posed by misleading information.

The Leadership

Despite continuing to be non-profit, the American Kratom Accossiation is under the control of a capable board of directors.

The governing board ensures that the association’s business gets properly handled, notably updating petitions, working on projects and legal requirements, and preserving their vision.

AKA Accreditation for the Supplement Manufacturers

The AKA’s certification of vendors is one of its primary purposes. This gets done to make sure that every seller is following the regulations. Any supplier can apply to the American Kratom Associationfor accreditation, after which the organization will evaluate the vendor’s production procedures and goods.

Any manufacturer breaching the regulations will be in the organization’s bad books.

Even if the system isn’t flawless, you should never place an order from a supplier that hasn’t received AKA approval.

What Are the AKA’s Objectives?

The AKA’s objectives are pretty transparent. All of the association’s actions are under the guidance of these objectives. According to their website, they have the following primary goals.

Support for the Community

Support is the first and foremost point on the website of the American Kratom Association. Above all, their main goal is to assist everyone who uses the supplement. The group receives help in a variety of ways as it works to spread enlightening policies and knowledge throughout the globe.

Education for the Masses

Anyone wanting to bring about constructive change in the world must have a good education. Due to inadequate knowledge, many have vilified Kratom. However, the American Kratom Association seeks to address pervasive misinformation surrounding the botanical by publishing reliable, current scientific knowledge.

Recognition of Individual Voices

Our society is primarily under the control of businessmen or the government. The AKA thinks the individual voice doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. They believe that by amplifying the voices of supplement users everywhere, policymakers and authorities will hear their testimonies.

Increased Exposure Around the World

The AKA seeks to raise awareness of the all-natural herb by giving prospective customers correct information and resources.

Preservation of Resources

Natural resources like Mitragyna should be handled with respect. The association is aware of our society’s propensity towards unsustainable material exploitation. The objective is to promote natural resource conservation and effective cultivation.

Advocacy by the Association

The American Kratom Association is generally an activist group. Their primary objective is to promote the botanical’s efficacy and safety.

Unfortunately, most individuals are unaware of how the supplement works. Instead, they try and learn more by reading clickbait news articles or visiting one of the numerous websites in Google searches.

As a result, one of the committee’s key objectives is to ensure accurate information is accessible to everyone. They also want to stop discriminatory laws and inequities hindering individuals from accessing the supplement.

How to Contribute to the American Kratom Accossiation?

Any and all volunteers are welcome at the association. There are several methods for you to participate or contribute.

Use Their Forms to Contact Legislators

One of the AKA website’s best features is a tool that lets you quickly contact your local legislator.

It comprises a simple form you may fill out with information like your name, email, address, city, etc.

Then, you can choose if you want to send your regional congressperson an email or prewritten letter. You may even customize your message and add more comments to the email if you’d like.

Thanks to its simplicity, numerous individuals have used this straightforward form to contact their congress representatives. There has been considerable movement surrounding the botanical and its legal status because of the sheer volume of people contacting lawmakers and requesting reform.

Join Up with the Online Forum

An online forum is a platform where internet users exchange knowledge, stories, and other types of material. Specialty forums, such as the one run by the American Kratom Association, address particular topics; in this case, Kratom.

By signing up for this forum, you may communicate with other supplement enthusiasts. Additionally, it gives you a way to stay informed on news and academic research.

Sign up for News Updates

The association publishes an email weekly to keep supporters up to date. All you need to do is fill out a form on the website to sign up for the newsletter.

This email will help keep you informed of the most recent developments in scientific knowledge, the ongoing legal challenges, and the latest developments.

Volunteer in the Kratom Consumer Council

The Kratom Consumer Council (K.C.C.) is another organization founded by the AKA. You may volunteer with the K.C.C. and contribute to the betterment of Kratom and its consumers.

The council is defined as a broad-based, nationwide initiative with a focus on botanical preservation in America. Together with others, you may petition for the legalization of the herb, oppose false information, and advance appropriate education.

Final Thoughts

The American Kratom Association is the leading pro-Kratom advocacy organization in the USA and perhaps the entire world. They are a non-profit organization with the goal of safeguarding American consumers.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the AKA’s website or subscribe to their email list. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn about Kratom since there is always new and intriguing information to offer.

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Which AKA-Accredited Vendors Should I Buy From?

If you’re buying Kratom online, always go for a manufacturer certified by the AKA. It means they follow all the cGMP standards of production and packaging. Moreover, it means their product is free of contaminants like microbes and heavy metals.
You can buy from industry-leading vendors like Golden Monk, Amazing Botanicals, SuperNatural Botanicals, and SocraticSolutions.

Can I Donate to the American Kratom Accossiation?

This NGO majorly runs with the help of volunteers. However, they are fighting a costly war to save the reputation of Mitragyna. That’s why they welcome donations that can assist with the association’s endeavors.

Where Can I Learn More About the Association?

If you want to understand this organization better, read its policy report. As a result, you will learn more about the committee’s internal processes and objectives.

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