Paying with cryptocurrency is a good way to save money and it is very quick and easy once you get setup. The process is simple and you only have to do it the first time. Read on to see how to buy kratom with Bitcoin.

Registering & Verifying with Coinbase

1. In your internet browser, go to 2. Click “Get started” in the upper-right corner of the home page

Get Started with Coinbase

3. In the box that appears next, fill in your name, email address, desired password, and your state of residence then click Create Account

Create a Coinbase Account

4. An email will be sent to the address you just entered, so open up your mail client and head to your inbox. You may want to check your spam folder in case the message got caught up there. 5. You will see the an email that looks like this with the subject line containing “Please Verify Your Email Address” (or something similar). Click to be redirected to Coinbase where you will continue. 6. Read through Coinbase’s User Agreement and click Accept Terms

Coinbase Terms | Socratic Solutions Kratom

7. You will next need to enter your phone number for identification and to enable two-factor authorization (2FA). 2FA is simply an added authentication step required to access your account (the first is your password when you login). You will get a text message containing a numeric code about seven digits long.

Setup Coinbase 2-FA

8. Enter the code you received to finish verifying your phone number

Enter 2FA Code Coinbase

9. Fill in your name, data of birth, address, your primary reason for using Coinbase, the source of your funds (you can make up anything), employment status (can also be made up), and the last four digits of your social (will be matched to the name, so use yours)

Verify Your Identity with Coinbase

10. In order to buy kratom with Bitcoin you will need to verify your identification information. You will only have to do this one time.

Additional Account Verification Coinbase

11. Click on either driver’s license or state-issued ID card

Identify Drivers License Coinbase

12. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish verifying your identity. You will need to submit a photo of your ID along with a photo of yourself as per Coinbase’s policies.

Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin

1. To buy kratom with Bitcoin, you must first acquire the Bitcoin. Click on View Asset from your main dashboard.

View Asset Coinbase

2. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to buy, which is shown by default in USD, then click Preview Buy

3. If everything looks good, click Buy Now. Congrats – you have now finished buying Bitcoin.

Coinbase Buy Now

Sending Bitcoin

1. From the Coinbase home page, click Send in the upper-right corner

Send Bitcoin Home Page

2.  Enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to buy in USD and click Continue. You may switch from USD to BTC by clicking on the letters “BTC” under the up/down arrows to the right.

Enter Amount to Send

3. On the next screen, paste-in the BTC wallet address you’re sending to or use the QR code icon to take a picture of a code (this will fill in the address for you), confirm it’s correct, then click Send to execute the transaction.

Paying For Kratom With Crypto

1. Begin by placing your order the same way you normally do. If you buy kratom with Bitcoin, you will save 5% automatically. Just choose the option that says “Pay With Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin & More.” You will be directed to this screen:

Pay with Crypto at Socatic Solutions

2. Then you will see this screen which provides our payment wallet address and amount of coin(s) to send. For help with this, see the previous section. The payment window will automatically update almost instantly after you send your coins and this screen will confirm your payment is complete.

BTC Send

3. That’s it! Every other aspect of your order will go on the same way as any other payment method. If you try to buy kratom with Bitcoin and run into any issues, please simply reach out and we’ll help you straighten things out.

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