The Dr. Oz show was well-liked and watched across the USA during the 13 years it aired on television. Being a popular daytime television talk show, each episode featured segments on health issues and other medical information. The story of Dr. Oz and Kratom goes four years back to 17th January 2017, when he did an entire show discussing and talking about Ketum and its uses. As most viewers expected a strong stance on the substance, Dr. Oz was pretty much unbiased in his approach and talked about the pros and cons of it in great detail.

Hamilton Morris and Dr. Charles Michael were invited to participate as guests in this show, they are both scientific researchers, and Morris is also a journalist. To accompany them, Joy Atencio was also one of the guests on the show, who claimed her son died due to Ketum. The panel indicated a healthy debate was to follow, and these people might offer good advice.

The Build Up For The Dr. Oz and Kratom Episode

The Dr. Oz show became one of the favorite daytime shows for Americans. Every day, 3.5 Million people would turn on their Television sets to see Dr. Oz talking about different medicinal and health issues. When this Dr. Oz and Kratom show was announced, it felt like a relief and a great moment for the Ketum community. It was a great sign to see how Dr. Oz is paying attention to an often under-addressed topic. They found the segment to greatly support their cause, and many people watched it.

The expert panelists who were invited made the Dr. Oz and Kratom segment much more helpful and relevant. People already knew it would be a healthy debate, and they would be listening to authentic scientific research.

What Did Joy Atencio Say In Dr. Oz And Kratom Segment?

Mitragyna Speciosa is often cited as a herb with adverse effects on your health, and a similar story was covered on the show. Joy Atencio claimed that this herb took the life of her 36-year-old son in 2013. She claimed he died by overdosing on the herb, which was evident in his death certificate.

As this was a huge loss to the deceased’s parents, everyone had their deepest condolences for the family. However, Hamilton Morris intervened and said that he had done thorough research and study regarding this incident, and he claimed that the death of Guy Garcia was not due to the consumption of Ketum. Instead, the herb was found in his blood, and this is not enough evidence to blame Kratom.

What Did We Learn From Dr. Oz and Kratom Episode?

The episode was hyped, and it did live up to its reputation. Dr. Oz had a great talk, and the major part of the show featured Dr. Charles and Morris debating about the studies they have done to learn more about the substance. They explained how much research should be done on Ketum leaves and how they affect your body once they enter your blood. Even though the panelists had ample time to give their opinions and talk about it, the public anxiously awaited Dr. Oz’s verdict.

Later, at the show’s end, Dr. Oz had a similar opinion as his fellow panelists on Mitragyna Speciosa. He said that more medical tests and studies should be carried out, and human trials should also be done to determine the real effect of Ketum.

Is Ketum Misunderstood?

Through the panelists’ talk, it became evident that most claims against using this plant are baseless and do not come from proper scientific studies. All the panelists thought that more research must be carried out for Ketum. The people who claim to have been affected by the plant have no proper reports or medical certificates to prove themselves. The FDA and DEA should also dig in and conduct more human trials for a proper opinion on its usage. People are unaware of the effects Ketum can have, and most of the information is vague and backed up by poor sources.

Dr. Oz and Kratom Episode Was A Game Changing Moment

Dr. Oz did a great job talking about Ketum, often neglected and rarely discussed. Ketum has been used as an energizing herb in South East Asia for years, but it isn’t fairly common in the USA. The Kratom community in the country got a great boost once the show aired. Dr. Oz also discussed numerous benefits of the herb, followed by praises from his guests.

Overall, the show helped raise awareness among the people regarding the herb and also helped solve some misconceptions raised against it. Dr. Oz and kratom specialists warned viewers to be careful and seek medical counsel before using Ketum, especially if they are taking other drugs or have underlying health concerns.

Final Thoughts

Millions of people watched the Dr. Oz and Kratom episode, which served as great awareness, as there were talks about the herb nationwide. Ultimately, the Dr. Oz and Kratom show provided a reminder of the complexities of using natural treatments for health and well-being. However, you must always consult your doctor before listening to anyone’s advice and do your research.


Who is Dr. Oz?

Mehmet Oz, MD, is a Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality. He is well known for hosting “The Dr. Oz Show,” a daytime talk program.

What was the Dr. Oz and Kratom Episode About?

The episode featured expert doctors with ample knowledge about the herb, and the show was dedicated to discussing the usage and effects of Mitragyna Speciosa.

What did Dr. Oz say about Mitagya Speciosa?

Dr. Oz thought that further study is required to properly understand the hazards and advantages of Ketum, and he advised people to see their physicians before consuming the plant.

How Is Ketum Consumed?

Ketum leaves may be eaten, brewed into tea, or processed into a powder and used as capsules or added with food or beverages.

Has Dr. Oz faced criticism for his show on Ketum?

Dr. Oz has been criticized by various academics and groups who think he is promoting the herb without fully understanding it.

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