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The Facts About Kratom

Based on Credible Kratom Research Data

The facts about kratom are hard to distinguish from the fake information being fed to society. Thankfully, credible research has debunked the FDA’s fabricated and embellished reports. The following links will provide you with further details. Our sources for anything that could be considered medical, scientific, or academic are either peer-reviewed journal articles or reports by those that have proven expertise in their field. Remember the importance of scrutinizing sources in a world with so much poor information being shared 24/7.

“There is a general consensus among community members and leaders, academics
and policymakers, as well as public health and law enforcement representatives in southern Thailand that kratom use and dependence carry little, if any, health risks. In general, people reported that kratom
(use and dependence) is less harmful than heroin, yaba, cannabis and even alcohol,”

– Pascal Tanguay
International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC)