How to Buy Kratom With Cryptocurrency

How to Buy Kratom With Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

Getting started on an exchange and sending coins

Registering & Verifying with Coinbase

1. In your internet browser, go to
Coinbase URL
2. Click “Get started” in the upper-right corner of the home page
Coinbase Get Started
3. In the box that appears next, fill in your name, email address, desired password, and your state of residence then click Create Account
Kratom BTC
4. An email will be sent to the address you just entered
Coinbase Verify Email
5. You will see the an email that looks like this with the subject line containing “Please Verify Your Email Address” (or something similar). Click to be redirected to Coinbase where you will continue.
Buy BTC For Kratom Payments | Socratic Solutions
6. Read through Coinbase’s User Agreement and click Accept Terms
Coinbase Terms | Socratic Solutions Kratom
7. You will next need to enter your phone number for identification and to enable two-factor authorization (2FA). 2FA is simply an added authentication step required to access your account (the first is your password when you login). You will get a text message containing a numeric code about seven digits long.\

Coinbase 2FA

8. Enter the code you received to finish verifying your phone number
Pay For Kratom With Coinbase | Socratic Solutions
9. Fill in your name, data of birth, address, your primary reason for using Coinbase, the source of your funds (you can make up anything), employment status (can also be made up), and the last four digits of your social (will be matched to the name, so use yours)
Buy Kratom With Bitcoin | Socratic Solutions
10. You will next need to verify your phone number for identification and to enable two-factor authorization (2FA), so enter the code you received via text message into the box that pops up. 2FA is a second factor (the first is your password when you login), that Coinbase uses to make sure it’s really you when you login.
Pay For Kratom With Coinbase | Socratic Solutions
11. Next you will see the following screen appear. Complete the form with your real information (you can buy cryptocurrency anonymously – just search for it online – but we won’t get into that here). Click Continue when you’re done.
Buy Kratom With Bitcoin | Socratic Solutions
12. You will be directed to Coinbase’s home screen and a window will open providing you with options for adding funds – click on your choice (we used debit card for this example because those funds are available instantly)
Buy Kratom With Cryptocurrency | Socratic Solutions
13. Enter the billing information of the debit card you would like to use to make your cryptocurrency purchase
Coinbase Card Enter Billing Address
14. In the next window, enter your debit card number, expiration date, CVC, and billing zip code and click Add Card
Buy Kratom With BTC and Altcoins | Socratic Solutions
15. Coinbase will deposit two random amounts between $0.01 and $1.00 each into your checking account via the debit card you entered. This will take anywhere between five minutes and three days, depending on the connection Coinbase has with your bank. Enter these two amounts on the screen you see next and click Verify Card. If your deposits don’t show up right away, you will be able to verify those later by going into your settings menu, which I will show you here in a second
Verify Coinbase Deposits
16. If you entered the two values correctly you are now able to buy cryptocurrency with your debit card. At this point you can buy up to $3,500 in cryptocurrency but you are not able to send any or use your coins to pay anyone. To do this, you will need to further verify your identity. This is also the step you would take if you had to wait for the two deposits from above.
17. From your account home screen, click on the small gray circle in the upper-right corner of the screen or the arrow next to it (it resembles a silhouette), then click Settings
Coinbase Settings
18. From the top submenu, click on Account Levels
Coinbase Account Levels\
19. Since you verified your phone number, you should already be at the second account level, but you will need to finish verifying your identity by photo ID in order to send cryptocurrency to anywhere or anyone outside of Coinbase. To do so, click Enable Send and Receive.
Coinbase Enable Send
20. In the next window, click on driver’s license or state-issued ID card
Coinbase Add Drivers License
21. Select your preferred upload method. Mobile pictures are usually of higher quality than webcam pictures these days, which helps, but you can always upload a nice image from your computer by clicking on the appropriate box.
Coinbase Upload ID
22. Depending on the option you chose, you will be directed on how to complete this step on the next screen. Verification is automated and usually takes no longer than two or three minutes.

23. Congratulations – you are now verified and able to fully utilize Coinbase, including sending cryptocurrency as an online payment method. Your next step is to purchase some with the payment method you put on file.

Buying Your Crypto

1. From the Coinbase home page, click on View Asset under whichever coin you’d like to purchase (this only shows when you hover your cursor over the coin’s box)
View Assets Coinbase
2. Next, in the Buy tab to the right of your screen, enter the value of the cryptocurrency you need, select the debit card you added earlier (or whichever other verified option you’d like), and click Preview Purchase
BTC Buy Coinbase
3. In the box you see after clicking Preview Purchase, ensure the amount and payment method are correct and click to confirm the transaction. If you used a debit card, your coins will be available immediately (bank transfers take a couple of days).
4. To send your coins to another party, click on the Portfolio link found at the very top of any screen
Portfolio Coinbase Kratom BTC
5. Click on the asset you want to send
Send Crypto Coinbase
6. Enter or paste-in your recipient’s wallet address and the amount to send, then click Continue. Due to the constant fluctuations in coin prices, it is usually best to enter the actual amount of coin rather than dollar amount.
See ETH Enter Address
7. Verify the wallet address and amount, then click Confirm. If you send coins to the wrong address they will be lost forever.
Verify ETH Amount Coinbase
8. You have now finished sending your cryptocurrency!

paying for kratom with crypto

1. Begin by placing your order the same way you normally do – just choose the option that says “Pay With Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin & More.” You will be directed to this screen:
Pay with Crypto at Socatic Solutions
2. Then you will see this screen which provides our payment wallet address and amount of coin(s) to send. This will automatically update almost instantly after you send your coins and this screen will confirm your payment is complete. That’s it! Every other aspect of your order will go on the same way as any other payment method.
BTC Send

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