Kava And Kratom are substances most individuals consume to seek a feeling of Euphoria. They are individually utilized for recreational purposes, increasing sociability or generally boosting your mood. Although these herbs can produce similar effects, they’re still not exactly the same.

If you are curious about their differences, commonalities, and the possibilities they pertain to, then this is just the right article for you! To seek better insight into the subject, we’ll first have an overview of both plants.

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What is Kratom?

Kratom’s botanical name is “Mitragyna Speciosa”. It is an evergreen tropical tree widely grown in South-East Asia. Kratom is also a part of the coffee plant family. It was traditionally consumed by workers in the fields in raw form to relieve exhaustion and enhance contentment.

In today’s age, it is widely utilised as a recreational herb to seek euphoria, a sense of calmness as well as to work effectively without feeling tired.

What is Kava?

The botanical name for Kava is “Piper Methysticum”, and is also known as Kava Kava. This herb is grown in root form. Kava is native to South Africa specifically; grown in Fiji, Hawaii, Tonga, and Samoas. Kava can also be grown in the US but it would require a humid, warm and well-lit climate to develop.

This herb used to be a part of traditional ceremonies in South Africa. Today it is used as an alcoholic beverage due to its sedative qualities. It helps with enhancing sociability and communication. People also consume it to seek pleasure and motivation.



Kava and Kratom both have similar properties in regard to euphoria and sedation. They are both herbs with overpowering psychoactive tendencies resulting in an energetic and socially hyperactive effect in the consumer. The effect these herbs tend to induce can be achieved with a small dose. Kratom and Kava are both considered the optimum plant to consume to elevate your mood.


Kava and Kratom are both consumed in a similar method. They can either be consumed in widely available pill forms or Kratom’s leaves and Kava’s roots can be dried and then chewed directly. The dried roots and leaves can also be used to make tea to give a more pleasurable experience to the consumer. People often get confused between Kratom and Kave due to their similar ways of preparation and consumption.


Kava and kratom are both federally legal to purchase in the US.



Kratom, when excessively utilised arises the possibility of a dependency. Whereas Kava can be consumed to your desired level of dosage without fear of possibly getting dependent on it.

Botanical Families

Kava and Kratom both belong to entirely different botanical families. Kava belongs to the Pepper family, also known as Piperaceae, whereas Kratom belongs to the Coffee family, also termed Rubiaceae.


Kratom as compared to Kava is a more nuanced herb. Kratom when consumed in a lower dosage has a different influence than when it is consumed in a higher one. Its serving size is 2.4g and must not be exceeded two servings in 24 hours. The standard dosage applies to all of its types, ranging from Red Maeng Da Kratom to Green Malay Kratom. However, Kava has a uniform effect regardless of the quantity consumed. Safety measures should still be given importance, and Kava should be consumed moderately however all it does is induce calm.

Pharmacological Composition

This is one of the most essential differences between the two herbs. Most of Kratom’s benefits are due to the presence of two main alkaloids, namely Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. However, Kava’s pharmacological composition consists of Kavalactones, instead.

We have now gone through what Kava and Kratom are, their properties and functions as well as what makes them similar and what draws them apart. After learning these, consumers often wonder if it is a good idea to combine and utilise a mixture of Kratom and Kava together. Don’t worry, we have got the answer!

Are Kratom And Kava Safe To Combine?

Kava and Kratom are often compared as they have similar properties and when consumed, they both exude feelings of calmness and euphoria. If and when these substances are combined they produce a synergetic effect which consists of the induction of intense euphoria, a deep sense of contentment and improved alertness.

Kava and Kratom simultaneously can have intensified effects. This is mainly because they both operate on separate parts of the human brain. The combination of dopaminergic and serotonergic stimulation caused by this mixture can be a wild experience for the consumer.

Before experiencing this deadly mixture, make sure you are aware of and have encountered the effects of consuming Kratom. And only when you are entirely accustomed to Kratom, mix it with Kava. Do make sure to reduce the dose of Kratom once you start to blend it with Kava.Consume the mixture in small doses and avoid alcohol.

To form a safe dosage you can blend both plants with milk, and filter it out to remove the remains of any fibers of the plants. Another way is to first consume Kratom on an empty stomach and then later wash it down with Kava.

Kratom Or Kava: Which Is Better?

Due to the similar appearances of Kava and Kratom, most people believe that they act just the same. However, among consumers, it is believed that Kratom is the better plant as it is more potent, longer lasting and versatile. Where on one hand Kava can be consumed to achieve contentment and euphoria, Kratom is capable of attaining that and much more.

To decide which herb works better, we will need a thorough comparison of both specifically concerning their effectiveness and potency.


Kava and Kratom are both renowned for their tranquillizing effects. However, when compared, it is achieved that to reach a certain level of calm Kratom needs to be consumed in a higher dosage meanwhile Kava provides a mild sedating effect at a lower dose.

Kratom’s effectiveness and desired results are highly dependent on the form of strain consumed. Kratom provides a variety of strains, each inducing a different euphoric sensation. A few of them include:

● Red Kratom Strains

Red Kratom strains are consumed when you are looking for calming, soothing effects. They can be used when you are looking for a bit of relief.

● White Kratom Strains

When you are looking for a mood enhancer or intend on inducing states of euphoria, white Kratom strains are what you need.

● Green Kratom Strains

If you intend on achieving a more well-rounded effect, involving a more calming effect yet you want to avoid the drowsiness, then you should opt for the green Kratom strains.

However, on the other hand, when Kava is consumed, a feeling of calmness and euphoria are also induced but there is not much you can do to control their intensity. Post consumption, there is a significant possibility of overwhelming drowsiness, which can otherwise be controlled through Kratom consumption instead.

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➔ Potency

Kratom has an enhanced potency as compared to Kava. This is because Kava has a milder effect as compared to Kratom. Kratom and Kava target different areas of the brain which results in Kratom leaving more visible effects, especially when consumed in large quantities, and Kava having less noticeable ones.

Since Kratom has strong effects, it is advised to start with smaller doses and increase only when you are comfortable and well-adjusted to the quantity you consume.

Hence, it is accomplished that Kratom is a more potent herb than Kava. Its effects are also more manageable and can be adjusted to what the consumer requires.

Kratom and Kava are both substances that induce euphoria and energize the human body. They possess similar qualities but are slightly different. They can be combined for a more optimized effect, however, moderation is the key.

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