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​How to Make Powerful Red Bubble Kratom
Have you ever wondered if there was a method for getting more effects from your kratom? I’m not talking about using a potentiator, though we will get back to that later. What I’m talking about is a way of causing your kratom to actually change from its original state to a more potent one. The [&...
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Is Kratom Legal in 2021?
Where We Stand Today Mississippi counties listed: Monroe, Lowndes, Union, Alcorn, Tishomingo, Itawamba, Calhoun, Noxubee, Prentiss, and Tippah. Updated February 13, 2021 The Kratom Climate in 2021 With the global emergence of the coronavirus, there was little time for lawmakers to consider matters r...
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Storing Kratom Properly | 5 Easy Tips
Like any food or dietary supplement, kratom stays fresh only for a limited time. Our research indicates that the leaf is best if consumed within two years of harvest with the optimal tmeframe being within the first three weeks of opening. If you only pick up your kratom as you go this may not come [...
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What is Akuamma?
When it comes to plants popularly used for health reasons, kratom has been at the front of the line with increasingly popular compounds like Cannabidiol (CBD). With each day that passes, a growing number of people are finding out about the benefits of these all-natural compounds. However, consumers ...
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Kratom for Studying
We all know that kratom, in the right (not excessive) dosages causes a bit of euphoria. But did you know that there is real science behind why kratom is capable of motivating us to study more? It’s prime source of motivation lies in its opioid-like actions in the body. Read on to discover why ...
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Turmeric and Kratom: a Powerful Combination
Save Some Cash By Spicing Things Up A Bit About Turmeric Looking for a way to get more mileage out of your kratom powder? Want to reduce the number of capsules you have to take? Want to do it with an ingredient that you may already be familiar with from your kitchen cabinet? If so, […]...
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How to Make Strong Kratom Resin
Have you heard of kratom resin? If you are an advanced kratom user looking to get more out of your kratom powder, you are probably familar with the term. Those who like kratom tea may opt to make red bubble kratom while some prefer to make traditional extracts from the powder, increasing the kratom...
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Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine
Kratom’s Most Famous Alkaloids Side-by-side For those looking for pain relief, relaxation, or energy, the alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are usually the most important elements of the mitragyna speciosa plant. The first is present in much higher concentrations than the second...
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6 Creative Kratom Recipes
Kratom In The Kitchen Volume I Mitra Sauce As it comes to kratom recipes, this is one of the most unique. It is based on applesauce, honey, and cloves. Applesauce contains a significant amount of pectin, which is both a thickening agent and a soluble dietary fiber that studies suggest may lower chol...
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How To Make a Kratom Salve
We already know that kratom has amazing benefits when ingested, but did you know that it can be used externally as well? In fact, one of the more popular uses of kratom in Thai culture is as a kratom salve for some skin conditions including shingles*. It doesn’t stop there, though. Kratom has been...
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Storing Kratom Properly | 5 Easy Tips Storing Kratom

Storing Kratom Properly | 5 Easy Tips Storing Kratom

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