About Us

Our Kratom Shop's Business Model

Our general business strategy is cost leadership.  In other words, we are continuously networking, researching, and developing ways to keep our costs at a minimum because we want to be able to provide high-quality kratom to end-users at the best possible prices.  There is no unnecessary spending on extravagant packaging materials, low-ROI advertising, Priority shipping for smaller orders, or other “frills.”  If it does not actually add value for the customer, it will not be found here.

Where we never cut costs:

1. Quality assurance:

After our products are harvested, cured, and turned into crumbles at the farm level, our partners analyze them for heavy  metals, salmonella, listeria, e-coli, and pesticides.  This process has become customary during our importations and goes a long way in maintaining a high degree of trust. We have never received a contaminated batch, and our strong supply chain and deeply-forged partnerships with multi-generational farmers greatly reduces the change that we ever will.

2. Quality control:

Socratic Solutions Inc. was built upon Lean Six Sigma ideologies, and we are in a perpetual state of process control and perfection seeking. Although we aim to keep prices as low as we can and therefore reduce our costs wherever possible, we certainly do not mind spending on things that will make us better overall. This is how we plan to be sustainable moving forward.

3. Materials handling:

All of our products are produced in-house where we are in complete control of safety standards.  Our manufacturing is done at our kratom shop inside of a clean room that was designed with a mind on ISO 8 and cGMP standards.

Transparency is paramount at Socratic Solutions, so please note: although our policies and procedures aim for cGMP compliance, we have not paid for auditing and certification. It is not a requirement within our industry and the necessary red tape and fees would have a very negative impact on our pricing ability. However, we are very stringent on shop hygiene and safe food handling practices, and we utilize NSF-certified equipment and surfaces.

Our team members undergo training specifically concerning proper, sanitary handling of all raw materials as well as finished goods.  It is our belief that spending time and money on these things builds trust in our relationships and the investments pay for themselves in the end through increased word-of-mouth referrals.  This one is a no-brainer.

4. Training:

We stay “in the loop” within our industry to ensure compliance with the newest standards.  Lifelong learning is one of our passions, so we take advantage of any new relevant training materials we can find.  Again, we believe we get back what we put into the company.

5. Data security:

Our kratom shop stores zero sensitive data.  However, even your non-sensitive information is protected with SHA-2 SSL encryption.  We do not sell or trade any of your information, whatsoever.

6. Facilities maintenance

Our Pledge To You

We pledge to bring you quality, consistency, and value.  We are strongly committed to the customer because they support and trust us.  We never want to break that trust.  This is an iterative process and we are always reevaluating ways to improve our products and processes.  Simply put, we want our customers to feel the way we would want to feel if we were in their situation.  Ethics are important to us and we want to show this in all of our interactions.

Shop Socratic Solutions, where we live by three distinct principles: quality, consistency, and value.  We live and breathe kratom and genuinely care about the people we do business with.  Questions or comments?  We enjoy hearing from you!  Please feel free to contact us!

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