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[...] a good sense of anxiolysis, euphoria, not too stimulating, with qualities transitioning into pain relief and deeper relaxation as dosage increases. Really nice, light analgesia and warm fuzzy feelings. [...] The quality is really good, prices are very very reasonable in my opinion, and Socratic has proven to have some of the best customer service out there.
Another great strain that I’d happily purchase again!. [...] This strain has those stimulating, energetic, and uplifting white qualities, with the anxiety relieving, euphoric, and in higher doses perfect-for-a-headache qualities I associate with greens. Think of this one as the best of both worlds. Definitely recommend!
Highly recommended. This product is life changing.
I’ve ordered this one a few times already and this time around didn’t disappoint. Same batch/Lot no. and feels quite consistent. [...] amidst all this coronavirus craziness, Socratic provided some excellent customer service by upgrading my shipping so I’d receive it in the same amount of time. That, and providing me with plenty of shipping/status info has amounted to some pretty top notch customer service. Probably some of the best I’ve experienced from any online vendor, and not just in the Kratom world. Thanks guys 🙂
I decided to give this one a try and I’m sure glad I did. Provides a very uplifting and pleasant sense of euphoria. Pretty stimulating, doesn’t seem to elevate my blood pressure/pulse, and overall quite enjoyable. [...] Definitely would order again!
Great product at good price
Awesome product priced well and shipped lighting fast for free.
A top-notch, potent, high-quality product. Like the White Borneo, the Dayak is big on the euphoria and like the info here states, it has a pretty solid duration. I really appreciate the information provided about the strains and info about alkaloid content. Socratic is a connoisseur’s kratom.
Great products is all I’ve ever bought from Socratic solutions. Very friendly staff and always receive my order on time. Thank you for all you do Socratic solutions.
This White Borneo is great! I’m truly impressed. I have a fair amount of experience with kratom, but I’ve never encountered kratom of this quality and potency where I feel a *significant* effect from taking only 4 capsules (~2 grams). [...] The quality here is very evident!

Once again, Socratic Solutions delivers a superior strain that lasts long and doesn’t require a large dose to feel the benefits! How do I know this is top shelf kratom? Because I have a high tolerance for kratom, even after a reset every few months, and only top shelf kratom like Ryan delivers helps me with the terrible nerve pain I have had since my neck was broken in a car accident 10 years ago.

I am so grateful I found Socratic Solutions since now I don’t have to deal with debilitating pain on a daily basis any longer. I’m able to actually live my life, not just get by and survive everyday. Thank the Universe for this wonderful plant that has changed my life!!
BEST green I’ve ever had! Lasts for hours and I don’t have to take a lot to achieve Good results, which is what I desire since I have taken kratom for 3 years now. I am reordering again!!
Very strong and working well for my pain issues. Already ordered again!
Quality product and strain. I wish this site had more reviews because it DESERVES reviews that illustrate the quality of the business!
lifts me up a bit and gives me a bit of “boost.” [...] The quality of this Red Bali is excellent. I have had others and this is surely superior in quality to the others that I have tried. [..] Socratic Solutions is my “go to” for Kratom capsules.
This strain is very sedative. As far as pain relieving, it gets an A+. Very calming! Loved it!
Really good strain price is amazing customer service is to this is a great company
Ive tried 5 other vendors and none can begin to compete with these guys! From the fast free shipping and excellent customer service to the amazing quality product! WOW! I suffer from chronic pain [...] I gave these guys a try and have never looked back. [..] I thought it was my imagination or too good to be true, kept testing it and yes, this definitely alleviated my arthritis and the other pains I suffer from. Thanks Ryan and the crew for quality product and service at a reasonable price.
Most blends do not work well for me, unfortunately, but I wanted to try this one since Socratic Solutions doesn’t disappoint. And I’m grateful I did! At small doses, it helps pain very well while giving a boost of energy without the wobbles. At larger doses, it’s sedating, relaxing, and helped me settle down enough to fall asleep when I was ready, but I didn’t feel like I was drugged or heavy like some strains can do. The blend of all three premium strains works very well together.
The Dayak is in my top three from Socratic Solutions! I get great energy from this strain and a noticeable mood lift
Socratic Solutions is my “go to” for Kratom capsules.
After I mishap with delivery, I was promptly contacted by the owners who reshipped the lost item at no charge to me. They really went above and beyond. Thanks a lot!
I’ve been sleeping a lot better and my anxiety hasn’t been getting the best of me since starting the premium malay. [...] The customer service and shipping is also top notch. Have been and will continue to recommend these products and company to everyone I know.
Relaxing and sedative effect good for pain, tension and stress.
I have been taking prescription pain killers for years that don’t work. the kratom works better than anything I have taken for pain relief. my knee is shot from an operation & I can hardly walk.i take kratom & I walk around the house like I have not been able to do in years. it is a miracle for me.
A very dependable and trustworth team,thanks
Such great service and product repeat customer. Red Bali if I take two in morning helps the stamina and pain from lifetime back injury.
Socratic Solutions always has the very best quality and price. They always go out of their way to help the best way they can.
Extremely quick and easy. Prompt service with a great product!

Great customer service, high quality, and business professionalism centered around customer value will keep me and others coming back . No, I am not an affiliate or bs reviewer.

I had a minor problem and they were incredibly helpful in resolving the issue and more than making up for it. Quality of the product is on point, and customer service is a great tool when you need it from Socratic Solutions.Anyways, thanks a lot!
Red Bali. ROCKS! Super fast delivery, great communication, excellent pricing! Ryan is simply the BEST! If you want quick quality products look no further! Socriatic Solutions delivers quality Kratom & does it right!!!
I recieved my package early. Great website,thanks.
I’ve placed three orders with Socratic Solutions. All arrived swiftly and were of great quality. Socratic Solutions is now my go-to company for Kratom!
Great! Always satisfied with the level of service I get! And shipped to you free? No one on the web does that! But they do! I will always buy from here!
Nice website. Quick shipping Good pack. Great product A+++
really didn’t know what to expect with this strain . But what I got out of it was great . I found it to be very potent . It gave me a lot of energy but yet it was calming. I’ll buy it again
Product received quickly as always. I have tried many different vendors but I always come back to Socratic Solutions. This Red Bali helps me relieve pain and puts me to sleep. Highly recommended.
Excellent customer service and support the price and product is absolutely the BEST!!!