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Kratom extracts and edibles. Product test results available via QR code on package or in our Info section. PLEASE READ CRITICAL WARNING DIRECTLY BELOW PRODUCT LISTINGS.

Kratom Extracts and Edibles

Philosopher’s Blend 11% Enhanced Kratom


Kratom Extracts and Edibles

Kratom Gummies


Kratom Extracts and Edibles

45% Kratom Extract Tablets


Kratom Extracts and Edibles

High Potency Kratom Extract Powder


Kratom Extracts and Edibles

Ultra Enhanced Kratom Capsules


Kratom Extracts and Edibles

Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom Extract (10 ml)


Kratom Extracts and Edibles

Kratom Stem and Vein Powder


Please note the following important directions before using these products:

  • You must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age to use these products

  • Ensure that using these products are legal in your state, county, or municipality

  • Carefully read the packaging, full directions, disclaimers, terms, and warnings

  • Check if the packaging or seal is damaged or adulterated before use

  • By using these products or opening the seal, you agree to the terms provided

For your safety, it is strongly advised to consult a licensed healthcare provider before using these products. You should consult with them if you have a serious medical condition or before consuming our products alongside any medications, vitamins, nicotine, herbal supplements, drugs, or other substances that you may be taking. This includes other kratom products. Such combinations can lead to drug interactions with serious consequences.

Please take these instructions seriously to ensure a safe and effective experience with these products.

We are here to provide guidance only - please understand that the information we share is not a substitute for medical advice from licensed healthcare practitioners.

Using some kratom products may be dangerous according to the United States government. The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has reported adverse health effects associated with kratom use, including addiction risks, abuse, and dependence.

Some publications have even mentioned serious potential side effects like weight loss, dry mouth, chills, nausea, vomiting, and liver damage. The FDA has not approved kratom for human consumption. Please see the FDA's website for more. Kratom isn't currently scheduled as a controlled substance by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, but it has been listed as a Drug and Chemical of Concern.

Important Note Regarding All Product Descriptions & Packaging:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you decide to use these products, it is essential to acknowledge and accept full responsibility for their usage. This responsibility includes any potential adverse events or health complications that may arise from its use. We want to ensure you're fully informed before proceeding.

Please note, these products are not recommended for long-term or consecutive use. You must be 21 years or older to purchase and utilize these products and you are responsible for keeping them out of the reach of children.

Kindly be aware that these products are extracted versions of the standard leaf, not traditional kratom powder, which is made from solely ground kratom leaves. The mitragynine and other alkaloids in these products are significantly more concentrated than in raw leaf, resulting in drastically increased potency. Taking too much can be dangerous and it is absolutely possible to fatally overdose if you aren’t paying enough attention to your method of measurement and how much you are taking overall.

It's crucial not to consume extract products unless you have tried the natural versions of standard concentration on several occasions previously without negative effects and have assessed your tolerance for the chemicals contained within.

It can be dangerous to use these products for multiple consecutive days or in combination with other kratom products. Although plain kratom leaf has been used safely throughout history, extract versions have led to serious negative events and have been implicated by medical examiners in cases of alleged fatal mitragynine toxicity.

To be clear, there have been deaths reported following the abuse of kratom extracts. A milligram scale is strongly recommended when measuring doses of extract powder.

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