Kratom for Beauty and Health

Kratom’s Unique Benefits When Used for Health and Beauty Purposes

With the cosmetic industry constantly evolving today, the variety of health and beauty products available to the public is impressive yet overwhelming, to say the least. It is apparent that customers find it challenging to understand which ingredients actually work for them. However, one specific ingredient that has recently been invading the industry is kratom.

Although it has been used in many beauty products for several years throughout southeast Asia, those in the West may have never heard of the wonders this exceptional herb has to offer.  Though white vein kratom in general may offer the same benefits, found most often in beauty products are White Maeng Da, White Borneo, and White Bali.

So what is it within the kratom leaf that is of value in skincare? A class of chemical compounds, flavonoids in this case, called catechins, which are found in many fruits in vegetables. These act as powerful antioxidants, which help prevent skin damage due to free radicals, and also have potential neuroprotective and anti-cancer properties. Here are some health and beauty concerns that this remarkable herb can help you target:

Is Patchy Skin Your Greatest Concern? Not Anymore

Irrespective of your gender, it is only humane of you to be concerned about your skin. Signs of aging, patchy skin, etc. may even contribute to a shallow sense of worth, depending on the intensity of the condition. To combat such skin conditions and to help skin appear clearer, several people swear by white kratom strain soaps, lotions, etc.,which also help balance skin tone. Kratom contains a deoxy sugar called rhamnose, which has been observed in laboratory settings to benefit the fibroblasts of papillary human papillary dermis (our top layer of skin) when it comes to fighting aging and skin spots (Pageon, et. al, 2019).

Are Bad Days a Regular Thing For You?

Making use of strains like White Borneo may help you overcome low, grumpy moods, while also potentially enhancing your levels of productivity. At lower dosages, many users report light stimulation without the jitters often associated with coffee. Larger doses, no matter the strain, are said to produce sedation and stronger anxiolytic effects.

Is Anxiety Preventing You From Being Yourself?

Anxiety can be lethal to your overall health, causing you to isolate yourself from family and loved ones. A recent study claimed that  more than one-third of working adults suffer from anxiety for numerous reasons (National Institute of Mental Health, 2019).. Use of white vein kratom is purported to actually help put anxious thoughts and feelings of paranoia at bay. At the time of this writing, it is not clear why white vein strains were used to frequently in this research.

Are You Tired of Working Long Hours?

Due to the potential  energy boosting properties of White Elephant kratom, it is used extensively by people who have to work long hours behind a computer screen. Since jobs of this nature can become tiring and rather dull, kratom can actually help to give a much-needed jolt of energy when called for. In fact,with a genuine, unadulterated product,  tired eyes and a lethargic frame of mind are two things that would be the least of your worries.

Do You Find It Difficult to Engage with New People?

Does the thought of mingling among people send shivers down your spine? Do you find yourself standing in front of a mirror, picking out all your flaws, wondering which one an audience would notice first? Oh, social anxiety. Using premium kratom is just one of the many ways to potentially keep the indicators of social anxiety at bay, and may help users feel more talkative and confident.

Now that kratom is becoming more widely-known in US popular culture, there is an increasing number of new benefits being observed almost daily. As with anything else, just be sure that you very carefully check the credibility of all your information sources.


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