Kratom in Alabama is the most wondered thing. The state of Alabama, sometimes referred to as The Heart of Dixie, has a lot to offer its people. Most importantly, Alabama is the location of important American Civil Rights Movement landmarks.

There is something for everyone, including stunning parks, attractions, water parks, beaches, and more. There is never a dull day in sweet home, Alabama. But what about Mitragyna? What is the status of kratom in Alabama? Is the herb available in the beautiful Southern state? To know more about that, keep on reading!

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Is It Legal To Consume Kratom in Alabama?

Mitragyna speciosa consumers in the US may think that every state allows the usage of this all-natural herb. However, that is not true. An example is the state of Alabama, where, since 2016, the natural tree leaf powder has an illegal tag. In 2016, the DEA might have failed to illegalize the plant, but Alabama decided otherwise. It has been six years since Kratom In Alabama is banned and imposed restrictions on its use.

The plant is banned all over the country, such as in the main cities- Montgomery, Birmingham, Auburn, Mobile, and Huntsville. Therefore, it is unlawful to sell, buy, use, ship, or possess kratom in Alabama. Anyone found in possession of the herb may face criminal charges.

Why is the Herb Unlawful?

Little misunderstandings and a lack of information and research are to blame. According to the legislation, alkaloids are artificial substances. That is untrue. It is a known fact that ketum is a natural and organic substance. But since the authorities are not too motivated to have research done, the organic botanical is unlawful.

What Criminal Penalties Could Someone Sold or Possessed the Plant Face?

As strange as it may sound, if the plant is discovered on you, you could get charged with serious offenses. Since ketum alkaloids have been regarded as harmful substances, the possession of the botanical is a Class C felony in Alabama. If krathom is found in a person’s custody, they can face a jail sentence of one to ten years, plus a $15,000 fine.

Repeat offenders will have a harsher punishment. Getting caught once again can result in a fine of around $30,000 and a two to twenty-year jail term. This rule also applies to visitors from other cities and countries who bring natural herbs into the state. It does not just affect state residents.

Can I Bring Kratom In Alabama After Buying From Another State?

That is one way every Alabamian has thought about having the tree leaf powder in their hands. Technically, you would not purchase it from within the state. However, it is not easy to outwit the law. You may buy the herb from somewhere else, but you can not bring it to Alabama because the rules still stand even after you purchase kratom from another area.

Is it legal to purchase Mitragyna online in Alabama and have it shipped elsewhere?

You may have it ordered from Alabama and shipped to another country. Do not get too happy thinking you have various ways to purchase the botanical. Doing that is also unlawful, and you may face charges. That is something that happened to a female Alabama citizen. The woman had her crushed all-natural leaves delivered to Florida. But somehow, the authorities learned about that, and they legally searched her house for Ketum.

Is It Okay To Travel Through Alabama With Kratom With You?

The laws are strict. If you buy Mitragyna from another place and then travel through Alabama with it, the criminal charges still apply to you. A 24-year-old experienced this. The man was transporting the all-natural organic powder to Florida after buying it in Louisiana.

The trip through Mississippi, where Mitragyna is permitted, went without a hitch. The young man was imprisoned in Alabama for bringing in an illicit substance. Therefore, do not make the mistake of driving through the state while having the herb if you don’t want to face any charges.

The American Kratom Association’s Fight for Making Mitragyna Legal in Alabama

Alabama has stated that the alkaloids found in Mitragyna are Schedule I restricted hazardous substances. Which is not the right thing and only causes more misunderstanding about the organic plant.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) has been working tremendously to get the state to reverse its judgment and repeal the prohibition. Ketum has been successfully promoted by AKA, who has even been effective in getting the ban lifted in some US states.

AKA managed to get 800 signatures from Kratom users in 2016 and 1000 signatures in 2017 to ask the government to legalize the alkaloids. The state government was unaffected by the appeal, though. A Ketum advocacy kit was also made available by the team for Mitragyna supporters to contact their local legislators. In Alabama, their fight continues for Mitragyna to be allowed.

How Can the Public Help to Make Kratom Legal in Alabama?

The public has the power to make their favorite herb lawful again. The best way to help is to join the AKA. They have been successful in stopping the DEA from outlawing ketum nationally. Although the action they took in the past may have failed; however, with more and more support from Alabama citizens, they can urge lawmakers to reinstate the ban.

Can I Carry Kratom At The Airport?

No, you can not carry the herb at the airport. Even if you are a visitor to Alabama, you will be charged with a crime if you get discovered to be in possession of the natural herb after entering state property.

Where Can You Buy Ketum Online In Alabama?

You can not buy the herb online in any city of the state. You can browse the internet for hours, but you won’t find any online vendor within your area or any online merchant willing to ship in this southeast state. Your only choice is to get out of your sweet home if you want to taste the potent plant.

There are some sellers you can get in touch with who offer top-notch ketum once you leave the state and enter any country where the plant is legal. They are:

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2) Pure Leaf Kratom

3) Amazing Botanicals

4) Super Natural Botanicals

5) Golden Monk


Kratom in Alabama is a fight that has still been going on. Now you know the state does not allow the herb. Ensure not to have a criminal history for a plant. You can always go out of the state and enjoy the Mitragyna!

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What is the future of Mitragyna speciosa in Alabama?

As for 2022, there is no future for organic leaves in the state. However, advocates are working hard for lawmakers to understand the botanical.

What is the Kratom Customer Protection Act?

The AKA developed the kratom customer protection act (KCPA) to help regulation of the natural plant. The KCPA addresses maturity limitations, labeling, testing, and compliance. If the states understand and adopt this act, there would be no restriction on the herb.

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