If you decided to spend your vacation touring the state of Iowa and are a Kratom enthusiast, consider yourself lucky. Fortunately, Iowa falls within the forty-four states that have permitted using the natural herb within its boundaries. Although the local authorities have tried to ban Kratom in Iowa several times, the Kratom community in Iowa has always been ready to fight.

This article examines whether any legal limitations or age restrictions about Mitragyna Speciosa exist in Iowa.

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Is Kratom Legal In Iowa?

As of 2023, tourists and residents may purchase the herb throughout Iowa. The residents of Iowa have always displayed immense support for the herb. The Kratom community in Iowa is exceptionally powerful and educates people about the benefits of the herb.

While the herb may be legal right now, there have been several attempts to prohibit its consumption.  However, the unity of the community is evident in such situations as they managed to stop the authorities from banning the substance.

Back in 2014, the senate of Iowa received a bill that proposed an immediate ban on Kratom. As per the bill, the herb had been categorized as a ‘Schedule 1 drug’. Ultimately, the bill classified the herb alongside numerous dangerous drugs like heroin and marijuana. The bill clearly stated that Mitragyna Speciosa is hallucinogenic, a substance with insanely high abuse potential, and devoid of any medical benefits.  

Fortunately, the supporters of Kratom in Iowa quickly learned about the proposed bill. They began directing all their efforts toward stopping the bill from becoming official law. Community members submitted a petition to the senate of Iowa and explained how Mitragyna speciosa is simply a herb from the coffee family. Thankfully, their efforts happened to reap benefits and stopped local authorities from passing the bill.

However, the local authorities were adamant about banning this substance and continued to convince the public that the herb had high abuse potential and no medical benefits. In 2017, another scientific study, an eight-factor analysis of Kratom, was released. The study attempted to showcase a link between harmful drugs and Mitragyna Speciosa. Additionally, the study displayed how the herb has similar abuse potential and addiction level as regular caffeine.

The local Kratom community in Iowa was not ready to give up on the substance so easily and continued to locate pieces of evidence to contradict the study. The supporters quickly proved that no deaths were linked to Kratom in Iowa. While the Food and Drugs Administration claims that the herb was responsible for several deaths, those deaths have all been inconclusive. While there is no denying that Mitragyna Speciosa was found in their system, the deceased has other substances with a high-abuse potential present.

Fortunately, the community managed to overturn the bill. Yet again, their unity was evident! Currently, residents and tourists can purchase the herb in all areas throughout Iowa. There are no area-wise restrictions, and one may buy Kratom in Iowa in prominent cities like Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Des Moines.

Has Kratom Been Regulated In Iowa?

Although the herb is federally legal within the United States, the regulatory laws and the plant’s legality vary from state to state and depend on the local authorities of the particular state. Various states within the United States have been considering placing bans on this substance or regulating it to ensure the supply of high-quality kratom. Six out of fifty states have already taken the initiative of prohibiting herb usage.

After the Kratom community in Iowa succeeded in overturning the 2017 bill, they began advocating for the herb’s regulation. While their efforts are unsuccessful, regulating the herb is essential and will help promote high-quality products. Thankfully, the American Kratom Association is working to ensure the implementation of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Iowa. If implemented, minors would be prohibited from purchasing the herb, and all products would be accurately labelled. Since the herb is yet to be regulated in Iowa, sourcing high-quality and authentic Mitragyna Speciosa can be challenging. 


Fortunately, the use of Mitragyna Speciosa is permitted in Iowa. While there have been several attempts by local authorities to ban the substance, they have all been unsuccessful. The local Kratom community in Iowa is still trying to get Mitragyna Speciosa regulated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Purchase Kratom In All Cities Of Iowa?

Yes! Kratom in Iowa is federally legal and can be purchased anywhere. Unlike a few states, no area-wise restrictions have been enforced. Therefore, consumers can buy the herb throughout the state without issues. 

Where Can I Purchase Kratom In Iowa?

Yes! Kratom in Iowa is federally legal and can be purchased anywhere. Unlike a few states, no area-wise restrictions have been enforced. Therefore, consumers can buy the herb throughout the state without issues.

Can I Travel With Kratom To Iowa?

Whether going on a road trip or flying, carrying Kratom in Iowa with you is not an issue. Since the herb is legal in Iowa, travelers may carry it in their luggage. 

Can I Buy Kratom Online In Iowa?

Yes! Many residents and tourists purchase Mitragyna speciosa online from authentic and reliable websites to ensure high quality. Vendors like VIP Kratom and Kona Kratom ensure to provide high-quality kratom. Before purchasing the herb online, make sure that the site you purchase from is reliable and trustworthy!

Can I Sell Kratom In Iowa?

Yes! As established above, the herb is legal throughout the state of Iowa. Therefore, one may sell the herb. However, make sure you do not sell the herb to anyone living in a state where the herb is illegal! Doing so could be disastrous for your business.

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