The state of Kansas is well-known for a myriad of things and is home to extensive sunflower fields. Over the past few years, Mitragyna Speciosa has been accumulating fame rapidly. However, when the question of Kratom laws regarding its consumption and production arises, they differ from state to state. If you plan to take a get-away trip to the sun-flower state and are a kratom enthusiast, you are bound to have one question – is it permitted to purchase Kratom in Kansas? Fortunately, Kansas is one of the forty-four states within the United States where the herb is legal.

Although Kratom is currently legal in Kansas, local authorities previously made several attempts to ban the herb. However, the local Kratom community in Kansas and activists from groups like the American Kratom Association were able to stop those attempts from becoming official law. The article below discusses Kansas’s previous legal history with Mitragyna Speciosa and whether the herb is regulated.

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Is Mitragyna Speciosa Legal In Kansas?

Mitragyna Speciosa has always been quite controversial in the United States, and six states have banned the consumption of the substance. The six states include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island. While the states mentioned above have outlawed the herb entirely, local authorities of a few cities have also imposed restrictions on the use of the herb. Federal agencies of Kansas have consistently attempted to ban the plant for years and even introduced a bill classifying the herb as a Schedule One Controlled Substance. 

In 2018, lawmakers proposed one more bill to the Senate of Kansas and suggested disallowing Kratom in Kansas. The proposed act intended to reclassify the herb and place it on the controlled substance list. Ultimately, this would prohibit users from purchasing and using Kratom in Kansas. Activists from the Botanical Education Alliance and American Kratom Association were responsible for spreading awareness about the herb and encouraging citizens to support it.

Fortunately, residents and advocates combined their forces, took a stand against local authorities, and managed to stop the bill from becoming law. However, there is no denying that the future of the herb’s legality could be at risk. The reason for this is quite simple. While the lawmakers did stop the bill from becoming official law, a significant proportion of the senate is still against the legality of the herb. 

Conclusively, the future of the herb depends on whether scientific evidence emerges in favour of the herb. If decisive proof against the herb appears, Kansas may join the six cities where the plant is banned. While the legislators undoubtedly have the power and the authorities to make changes to the bill, until evidence emerges, they plan on keeping Kratom in Kansas legal.

Is Kratom Regulated In Kansas?

As established above, the herb is legal in the state of Kansas. While local authorities are attempting to convince the Senate of Kansas to rectify their decision and place a state-wide ban on the herb, their efforts are yet to reap any benefits. When purchasing a herb arises, ensuring it is highly quality and sourced from a reputable and trustworthy brand is important. Therefore, a state’s regulatory status is immensely important.

Eventually, residents and advocates began to protest again for another cause. They began to work towards one agenda and promoted the ‘law KSHB2056’. This law aimed towards regulating Kratom in Kansas to ensure users have access to high-quality Mitragyna Speciosa. Supporters are residents continue to put in efforts to regulate the herb, and lawmakers have been reviewing the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

If passed, the bill would prevent the sale of contaminated Mitragyna Speciosa and products that do not meet quality standards. Additionally, the bill would prohibit individuals under eighteen from purchasing Kratom in Kansas and ensure that all products are accurately labelled. The bill would require all sellers to get driver’s licenses and give the state’s secretary of agriculture access to their location, products and equipment.


The good news is that Kratom in Kansas is permitted. Residents and tourists throughout Kansas are free to purchase, manufacture and consume the herb. However, since the herb is yet to be regulated, the quality of the herb they buy is not guaranteed. Residents and advocates have been consistently attempting to convince authorities to review the regulatory status of the herb. While a significant fraction of the lawmakers is against the legality of the herb, it is evident that Kratom in Kansas has public support. Ultimately, this proves that Kratom’s future in Kansas is quite bright.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Purchase Kratom In Kansas?

As the herb is legal throughout the state, tourists and residents may purchase the herb whenever desired. The herb is available in numerous locations in Kansas, and one can buy it from smoke or vape outlets.

Can I Buy Kratom Online In Kansas?

Purchasing Kratom online is always a wise decision if you live in Kansas. Since the herb is not regulated, the quality you receive is never guaranteed. Therefore, users may purchase Kratom in Kansas by using authentic and reliable online vendors

Is Kratom Banned In Any City In Kansas?

Mitragyna speciosa is legal throughout Kansas, and one may purchase it regardless of the city they are in. None of the cities in the state has imposed bans on the substance.

Is There An Age Limit To Purchase Kratom In Kansas?

As of 2023, no age limit exists. However, if the Kratom Consumer Protection Act is adopted, only individuals above eighteen can purchase Mitryangya Speciosa.

What Are The Type Of Kratom Products Available In Kansas?

Mitragyna speciosa is available in numerous forms. The herb is available in capsules, kratom powder, liquid shots, tea bags, etc.

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