Kratom has recently become popular in several countries, including the United States. Kratom in Mississippi is used widely for different purposes.

Unfortunately, due to recent efforts by Rep. Lee Yancey (R), multiple attempts have been made to regulate or even ban Kratom in Mississippi within the past few years. As a result, understanding exactly how ketum is currently viewed by legislation can be crucial for citizens who wish to use it responsibly in their own lives.

You can buy Kratom in Mississippi legally and without fear of penalty. Even though there have been recent attempts to regulate or even ban it, it is still legal to own and sell Kratom, also known as ketum.

As both a resident and a traveler, being aware of the legal regulations regarding herbal supplements such as ketum can be beneficial for avoiding potential outcomes or repercussions due to non-compliance.

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Kratom in Mississippi: An Overview of Laws

Back in 2019, Mississippi passed the KCPA. This Act sought to regulate the sale and labeling of products containing Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tropical tree native to Southeast Asia that produces kakuam.

The rules were made to ensure that people in Mississippi could get pure and unadulterated Kratom and to protect them from any risks or harm from using these substances.

However, in 2020, there was a proposal for an outright ban on all ketum-related activities, including possession within State borders. Although it passed through their House with a vote count of 81 to 30, it never went any further due to being denied by the Senate committee responsible for reviewing such matters. Thus, ketum remains completely legal with only the most basic regulations from previous legislation passed, which serve mainly as consumer protection measures.

Fast forward two years and the issue of Kratom in Mississippi came to the forefront again as House Bill 681 was authored by Lee Yancey, Chairman of the Mississippi House Drug Policy Committee, which would have made it illegal to possess or sell any substance containing Mitragyna Speciosa in any form (Kakuam).

Though this bill eventually passed through the House with a favorable vote, it failed during a review at the Senate level, meaning that possession and sale of Mitragyna speciosa remain legal, albeit unregulated, across all areas within Mississippi State borders today.

Mississippi Kratom Consumer Protection Act

This Act was enacted in September 2022 to regulate the labeling and sale of ketum products sold within state lines. This legislation of Kratom in Mississippi safeguards consumers against incorrectly labeled or impure products. The summary of regulations includes the following:

  • specifying alkaloid content and other important information related to each product
  • prohibiting sales to individuals under 18 years old
  • ensuring vendors properly label all products according to set standards
  • Ketum processors must disclose the factual basis upon which they represent their food as a ketum product on the label.
  • Ketum processors are prohibited from preparing, distributing, selling, or offering any kakuam product mixed with a non-kakuam substance, which may affect the product’s quality or strength and harm consumers.
  • They must adhere to regulations and are subject to administrative fines or criminal penalties for violations.
  • All products must be registered with the Department, and shall pay an applicable fee for doing so.
  • The Department is empowered to seize and destroy any unregistered kakuam product offered for sale in the state.
  • Consumers have recourse by bringing forth civil action for damages resulting from any violations of these regulations.
  • limiting adulteration or contamination when manufacturing or distributing products

Current Legal Status of Kratom in Mississippi

Currently, possession and sale of ketum are legal in Mississippi under both federal and state law. It can be purchased as whole leaves, powder, or capsules. The Mississippi House recently voted to make it illegal to own or sell Kakuam. However, many Missourians still buy it for a variety of reasons.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has previously expressed concern about the safety of certain Ketum products, but it lacks the authority to regulate them outright. Thus, efforts by authorities to restrict Kratom in Mississippi have not been successful thus far.

The American Kratom Association works hard with local groups to clear up the false information spread by people who don’t want Kakuam to be available in Mississippi. They hope that more information will help lawmakers make a clear decision about whether or not people can legally buy and use this supplement without worrying about getting in trouble with the law or being arrested.

Enforcement of Ketum Laws in Mississippi

Enforcement of laws of Kratom in Mississippi is taken seriously. Penalties for violating Kakuam laws can be severe. According to the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, a first-time violation can result in a $500 fine for a first offense. In contrast, repeat offenses can lead to a $1,000 fine and the vendor’s license to sell Ketum being suspended or taken away.


Ketum is currently legal and unregulated in Mississippi. There are no state or federal laws against possessing, buying or using kakuam in any form within the state. This means anyone can buy Kratom in Mississippi for personal use without fear of penalty. However, staying current on changes to local Ketum laws in the state is essential.

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Is Ketum legal?

The legal status of Kratom varies depending on the country and even the state/province within some countries. Within the United States, Kratom is legal at a federal level, although certain states have prohibited it or applied regulations on its utilization. It’s important to research the laws in your specific location before using or purchasing Kratom.

How big is the kratom industry?

According to the Botanical Education Alliance, the ketum industry is worth $1.13 billion. It continues to grow exponentially due to increased demand for its products worldwide.

What are the different ways of ingesting kratom?

The Drug Enforcement Agency says that ketum can be taken in many different ways, such as as a pill, smoked, made into tea, or chewed as raw leaves. The way it’s consumed will depend on personal preference and the desired effects of taking it.

Why is kratom gaining popularity?

Most people in Mississippi have used Ketum to treat their own anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, and signs of substance use disorder (SUD). Some ketum proponents argue that, in its purest form, it is a safer alternative than heroin, fentanyl, and morphine.

How does kratom work?

Ketum’s main active ingredients, mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine act upon specific brain receptors known as mu-opioid receptors (MOR). This makes your whole body feel calmer, which can help relieve symptoms like stress or chronic pain.

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