‘Kratom pronunciation’ is the most searched term these days. That is because the word has no English origin, and there are two common ways to pronounce it. 

In this post, we will finally stop your confusion over how to pronounce the word. But first, let’s take a quick look at this debate-sparker plant’s description and background.

The Definition

To define this botanical:

· The Mitragyna leaves are taken from a tree that mimics the coffee plant.

· A concoction produced from a Southeast Asian annual plant.

The Herb’s Origin

Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, are home to this plant. However, the term “kratom” has its roots in Thai. But, after the rise of these tree leaves made its way to the west, English speakers altered the pronunciation.

Pronunciation in Different Ways

Kratom is a word that people often mispronounce. It is astonishing how different people can have such strong opinions about how one word should get pronounced. The enthusiasts have been arguing over how to pronounce this two-syllable term for a long time. 

There are two ways to pronounce the word, which has sparked debates about which is correct. Although the following words are in the Oxford dictionary, there is no consensus on which is correct. 

1. KRAT-um

Instead of saying “ay,” this pronunciation utilizes a short “a.” KRAT-um can get rhymed with “atom.”

The way is the typical way to pronounce it because utilizing a short “a” while pronouncing a word is the norm in the English tongue. However, this word is less common than the alternative way of stating it. 

2. KRAY-tum

Instead of highlighting the “a” sound, this second version emphasizes the “ay” sound. To demonstrate how to pronounce it, emphasize the “ay” in “KRAY,” which rhymes with “bay” and “day.” 

What is the Right Kratom Pronunciation?

It can be challenging and tricky to pronounce in English since some people make the “a” sound while others make the “ay” sound. How the word is spoken depends on your accent- that decides how the “a” sound is pronounced. Many fingers point at “KRAY-tum” as the right way; however, many also suggest “KRAT-um” is more appropriate. As a result, it is challenging to distinguish which pronunciation is the correct one.

To further complicate matters, the American Kratom Association (AKA) pronounces the all-natural herb as “KRAY-tum” in its videos and conversations. But “KRAT-um” is the proper method, claim Mitragyna customers.

It is believed by those who consume this botanical that when speaking the word in English, one should keep in mind how the native nation produces the plant. So let’s examine the three distinct Southeast Asian countries’ pronunciation.

Pronunciation in Southeast Asian Countries 

The biggest producers of this plant are Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Kratom pronunciation varies in the three countries’ native languages. In the three countries, speciosa is pronounced as follows:

· Pronunciation in Thai

The locals say it is pronounced “Kruh-tome” in Thai. When speaking the word, “Kruh” is stressed more so than “tome,” which is pronounced simply like the word “tone.”

· Kratom Pronunciation in Malay 

The pronunciation is different when spoken with a Malaysian accent. The “r” in kratom is silent when speaking in Malay, unlike Indonesian and Thai accents, which do not mute any words. So, it is pronounced “Key-tum” in a Malaysian accent.

· Kratom Pronunciation in Indonesia

The pronunciation of this herb is altered with an accent from Indonesia. It is pronounced “Kra-Thom” by Indonesians. The way you pronounce “Kra” is the same as how you pronounce “hah,” but “Thom” is different. The letters “T” and “H” are combined.

Which Pronunciation Should I Follow?

You should follow the native language with a close accent with “KRAT-um.” So, if we follow that rule, you should follow the Thai way of pronouncing all-natural herbs as it resembles more in diction (which we believe is the right way to say ketum). Though, it does not matter even if you say “KRAY-tum;” nothing wrong with that!

Kratom pronunciation is entirely different in Indonesian and Malay accents than in English. Because one of these native tongues has a silent “r” and the other is different from how you pronounce “KRAY-tum” and “KRAT-um,” you risk confusing the vendors if you stick to it. As a result, we do not recommend the other two nations’ pronunciation.

Biological Name

Do not be confused; this is only an additional fact. The plant frequently has the scientific name called “Mitragyna Speciosa.” 

“Me-Tra-ginah” and “Mi-Tra-ginah” are the two ways to say it. The only difference in how the word is pronounced is between “MI” and “ME.”

“MI” has a similar pronunciation to “lie” and “I.”

Where to buy Kratom Online?

Since you keep reading about Mitragyna speciosa, you may have started to crave it. When it is natural and fresh- the herb is fantastic, but it might be challenging to identify reputable sellers of high-quality herb products. Look no further if you’re searching for Mitragyna vendors online. Here are some suppliers who supply tree leaf products in high-quality:

· Socratic Solutions Kratom

Socratic Solutions is a family-owned business in Brandon, FL, selling the best products since 2018. Some of their best-sellers are Red Bali, Super Green, Green Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da.

· Pure Leaf Kratom

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· Amazing Botanicals

Intending to provide customers with high-quality Kratom products, Amazing botanical has been a customer favorite. They excel in tree leaf powder, extracts, capsules, edibles, and even cigarettes. 

· Super Natural Botanicals

Online retailer Amazing Botanicals has a 5-star rating. The owners stock the company’s shelves with high-quality botanical products, but you can also purchase substitutes like Akuamma seeds. Additionally, the business abides by the stringent standards established by the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

· Golden Monk

Golden Monk is one of the most well-known online vendors. Every customer has expressed satisfaction with their products and services- as they will give you genuine, fresh Kratom products. Every product is tested in a lab before selling. Additionally, the AKA has approved them. Their online shop offers a variety of Maeng da strains, as well as red veins, white veins, and green veins.


Kratom pronunciation is a never-ending debate and will continue as its popularity rises. It will vary in how you say it and depends on your accent. Hence, let’s focus more on consuming safe all-natural herb products!

Are the Malay and Indonesian ways correct pronunciations?

We don’t suggest using these pronunciations as they can confuse vendors because they are different than the standard.

Does it matter if I say “KRAT-um” or “KRAY-tum?”

It does not matter, but we suggest you pronounce it as “KRAY-tum,” as the majority says.

Are all the listed vendors affordable?

Each online retailer we mentioned will offer you high-quality products at affordable prices.

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