Kratom is an evergreen tropical tree found in the South East region of Asia, mainly in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Its botanical name is Mitragyna Speciosa and is a part of the coffee family. It was traditionally consumed by workers in the fields in its raw leaf form to relieve exhaustion and enhance contentment. It also helps with working more efficiently without feeling tired.

In the current age, kratom shots are the most active way of its consumption as it highly enhances its potency and provides quicker results with the utmost convenience. One of the most popular variants of kratom shots is OPMS. OPMS is one of the oldest and leading kratom brands in the US.

OPMS Kratom

OPMS Kratom is considered to be a premium quality brand of kratom and is said to be amongst the most trending kratom strains. Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions or OPMS is amongst the few old brands based in Atlanta, Georgia. This particular strain entered the market in 2010 and is pretty well known amongst the kratom gurus.

How To Extract?

OPMS is known to be all organic, pure and an unadulterated strain. They have managed to maintain a good rapport, both on the internet and in stores.

One of their distinctive qualities which actively sets them apart from all the other strains is their unique cold process extraction. To extract OPMS Kratom, you need to first dissolve the mixture in hot water, and then rapidly cool it to draw the alkaloids out from the water. Now, you will just require filtering the mixture to obtain the rich extract.

How Are OPMS Kratom Shots Formed?

OPMS Kratom shots classify as liquid mitragyna products. The liquid form of this botanical herb consists of a refined form of herbal extract which is combined with certain additives when in a liquid state. This liquid is extracted from mitragyna leaves or powder and possesses an alkaloid-rich profile consisting mainly of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

The liquid mixture is then mixed with citric acid as a preservative so that it may remain fresh for longer than the average plant material product in the market. They are now packed in individual 1-ounce plastic vials, each containing 8ml of the liquid so that it may provide just enough for a single dosage.

Product Range

This particular botanical is generally put into three main categories defined by its variety of strains. These are mainly red, green and white. However, this is not the case when you are dealing with OPMS kratom shots. These shots are divided into just two categories: Gold and Silver.


The OPMS gold is considered to be the crown variant of all kratom strains. It is known to be highly potent and provide long-lasting effects. The unique extraction method helps it maintain an alkaloid-rich profile.

According to most users, the consumption method is pretty simple and hassle-free and doesn’t give way too many complications. It is also widely available and can be bought from any local store, gas station or even online.

OPMS Silver

The OPMS Silver is known to be one of the oldest and best-selling variants of the mitragyna range. The botanical is widely available in a series of blends while thoroughly maintaining a consistent level of alkaloids through each batch produced. The product is available in a variety of forms ranging from shots to capsules and powder. Where a capsule can protect the consumer from the bitter taste of the botanical, it is relatively expensive. However, you can always dilute your shot or powder with the beverage of your preference.

What Is The Correct Dosage Of OPMS Kratom Shots?

To explore the actual dosage an individual should consume of the botanical, one needs clinical tests. To our disadvantage, a very scarce amount of tests have been performed on the substance yet. Hence, each user generally holds full responsibility for any after-effects they face post consuming a kratom product. Mitragyna products are largely available in a series of strains, distinguished mostly by regional sourcing and concentration, making its effects vary. This is why each user should practice precaution when consuming a new strain.

You should take into account your weight, medical conditions, and the medications you are under when determining the product and dosage you should consume. Further, it is widely recommended that you begin with a smaller dose and increase it only when you are accustomed to the existing quantity. This is because each experience would differ from one another depending on individual characteristics.

Conclusion – OPMS Kratom Shots

OPMS kratom shots are a widely renowned and popular form of OPMS consumption. This substance is known for its high potency and strong effects, making it an expensive but good choice.


Is Kratom Legal In The US?

Kratom is still a federally unregulated substance and is hence available for sale and use. However, a few states, cities and counties have limited its use. Thus, it is highly recommended that you check with your local authorities concerning specific regulations. Their unique extraction process and distinct strains make it distinguished, giving the consumer a unique experience.

Is Kratom Safe To Consume?

According to a recent decision, post a year-long review by the World Health Organization (WHO), it was stated that there is still insufficient evidence that kratom requires an in-depth review. Though any statement released by WHO is usually interpreted as a general view of safety for human consumption, however in this case, each user holds full responsibility for any outcomes they may face due to the consumption of the substance.

Further, the quantity consumed plays a key role in the appearance of any after-effects when consumed in a moderate amount, kratom can prove to be fairly recreational.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom leaves contain a series of various alkaloid compounds, with the most distinct ones being Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine. These are similar to the alkaloids that are present in pain-relieving, energizing and mood-enhancing substances. Therefore, it is said that when you consume kratom, it affects the same receptors in the brain as those other substances. This in turn gives way to similar benefits and simultaneously reduces the extreme side effects associated with natural, synthetic and addictive alkaloids that other products hold.

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