Green Borneo Powder

Green Borneo Powder


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I really didn’t know what to expect with this strain . But what I got out of it was great . I found it to be very potent . It gave me a lot of energy but yet it was calming. I’ll buy it again

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Green Borneo Power

Green Borneo is grown on the island of Borneo from where we import it into the United States and begin the process of bringing it to you.  Only pristine, mature leaves with green midribs are harvested, at which point they undergo an indoor drying process for 3-5 days. After this, the kratom goes through a secondary curing process in a climate controlled, shaded environment to reach desired concentration, color, and aroma. Green Borneo powder has a particularly pleasing, full-bodied aroma that many find easy to work with.

Look to Borneo strains for increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and help in clearing your mental fog.  Borneo is considered to be a “fast strain,” so there is usually an enhanced desire to accomplish tasks.

With the green variety, one will usually tend to notice increased motivation along with a general sense of well-being and mental clarity.  This is more sedating than white varieties, but more uplifting than reds.  Stacks nicely with Maeng Da Sulawesi.

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