Green Kapuas Hulu Capsules

Green Kapuas Hulu Capsules


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Very impressive products. Thank you for pain free from arthritis for 6 months now!!

This strain is the best green strain I have had.

Great! Always satisfied with the level of service I get! And shipped to you free? No one on the web does that! But they do! I will always buy from here!

I love this company. Fast shipping and potent product

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Green Kapuas Hulu Capsules


Green Kapuas Hulu capsules are size “00” and each contain 500 mg of kratom.  Green Hulu is harvested in the Kapuas Hulu regency within West Kalimantan, Indonesia, hence its name.  True Hulu strains are actually somewhat rare among most western vendors today, but we are proud to offer it directly from Kalimantan.  Green Hulu is best known for its energizing and anxiolytic properties, along with its bold, dark green leaf color and rich aroma.

The majority of the strain’s subjective effects are attributable to 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, though it also contains mitraphylline; an oxindole alkaloid with potential immunostimulant and anti-cancer properties.  Much of the rest of the strain’s alkaloid profile may boast anti-hypertensive and vasodilating properties as well, meaning it will not exacerbate to blood pressure problems.  The main effects of these capsules can be felt for approximately four hours for most people.

Those interested in reading more about the various alkaloids found in kratom can visit Kratom Science

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