Green Maeng Da Powder

Green Maeng Da Powder


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I have been taking prescription pain killers for y…

I have been taking prescription pain killers for years that don’t work. the kratom works better than anything I have taken for pain relief. my knee is shot from an operation & I can hardly walk.i take kratom & I walk around the house like I have not been able to do in years. it is a miracle for me.

Kind of sedating- but let’s you move around-would buy again

This strain is great to take in the morning, wakes…

This strain is great to take in the morning, wakes you up and keeps you focused through the day. I will be ordering more of this

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Green Maeng Da Powder


Green Maeng Da powder is perhaps the most balanced variety available.  Maeng Da kratom is the result of horticultural grafting; a process by which different strains are crossbred to produce offspring with a target set of desirable traits.  In this case, the goal was to produce a variety of kratom with a higher overall alkaloid content relative to other strains.  In other words, Maeng Da is generally stronger by weight than others, so less is needed.  Along with the classically desired 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragyinine, Maeng Da is also higher in other beneficial alkaloids:

  • rhynchophylline – vasodilator, anti-hypertensive, anti-arrhythmic
  • speciociliatine – partial opioid agonist
  • mitraphylline – vasodilator, anti-hypertensive, anti-leukemic, muscle relaxer, possible immunostimulant
  • isomitraphylline – immunostimulant
  • 9-hydroxycorynantheidine – partial opioid agonist
  • corynantheidine – mu-opioid agonist
  • epicatechin – antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-leukemic, alpha-amylase inhibitor, potential cancer preventative, antiviral

Green Maeng Da powder provides the perfect balance between relaxation and stimulation.  The most distinct effect is usually an overall improved sense of well-being and contentment.  Those with social anxiety may find themselves more comfortable around crowds or new people.  Green Maeng Da will help with focus when used appropriately, so it is ideal for study or work.

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