Green Malay Powder

Green Malay Powder


Green Malay Powder


Green Malay, or Malaysian, also known as Super Green, has become our third most popular strain.  Our premium Malay powder originates in the jungles of southeast Asia by a group that has been growing and harvesting kratom for generations.  They are very experienced and dedicated to consistent quality. We only stock kratom that is unadulterated and free of pesticides and other chemicals.

Only mature trees grown in soil of the proper pH level are harvested and properly cured to yield the absolute highest possible alkaloid content.  At 100 microns, the powder is super fine and easy to use for different applications.  Like all Malaysian types, the plant cell walls of this kratom are thicker than normal, so the effect can be prolonged relative to other strains.

This popular green vein strain is often said to be stimulating, motivational, euphoric, and really good for taking on a heavy day of tasks, work, or study.  Users find that the effects of this strain can be felt for up to six hours after use. Beyond that, anecdotal reports sometimes mention an “afterglow effect” during which a residual sense of well-being persists.

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4 reviews for Green Malay Powder

Brandon J.

Product as described. Seems strong and definitely euphoric. Fast shipping too.


Easily the best kratom I’ve tried so far. I like to mix mine with something like coffee and kind of let it steep which usually is still rather bitter, but I find that the premium Malay is much more tolerable in the flavor department. It also is definitely far more potent than the other strains I’ve tried like Red Bali and Green Da Maeng. At least in my opinion anyway. The Malay boosts my mood and eases my nerve pain the best so far.

anthony candelari

excellent product & outstanding service. Top notch seller.

(verified owner)

Krystal K. (verified owner)

So far, my favorite strain. I was using the red Bali and although I like it, the premium Malay is just a better fit. I’ve been sleeping a lot better and my anxiety hasn’t been getting the best of me since starting the premium malay. I can’t comment on the flavor since I make my own capsules with the powder. The customer service and shipping is also top notch. Have been and will continue to recommend these products and company to everyone I know.