Green Sunda Kratom


Our Green Sunda kratom is harvested from only mature leaves with green midribs. It is then cured indoors with a specific combination of light, heat, and humidity in order for the leaves to reach optimal color, aroma, and flavor. The result is a fresh, organic, high-potency product with a bit of a unique taste, which makes this a popular strain for those who like to brew teas.

Green Sunda Effects

This variety is associated with a boost in mood, stimulation without jitters or shakiness, and increased sociability. This is mainly due to high levels of a key kratom chemical called mitragynine, though there are over 50 other alkaloids present in the leaf. The predominant effects last around four hours for most users, though this time frame can wane a slight bit as tolerance builds.

Side Effects

The risk of side effects increases with dosage, but nausea is the most common side effect among those who take too much kratom. Remember to wait about an hour between doses before deciding to take more.

How to Use Green Sunda

Our size 00 capsules are easy to swallow with any drink. Powder can either be placed on the tongue and swallowed with a liquid chaser as if it were a pill, or it can be mixed in with your favorite beverage. Kratom tea is another popular option for consuming powder.

If you are new to kratom, or simply just new to this strain, we recommend you start with a smaller dose to assess your individual tolerance. Between 1-3 grams of powder or 2-5 capsules seem to be good starting points for most people. For your reference, a rounded teaspoon of our Green Sunda kratom weighs roughly 2.4 g and our capsules hold 650 mg of powder.

Taking Time Off

We recommend dosing no more than twice per day and taking days off sporadically. This will help prevent any issues with physical dependence. Some users choose to take their kratom during the week while abstaining on weekends, while others prefer to simply take a day off every three days or so. You’ll have to experiment to find your optimal routine. One indication that you should take a break or add some more off days to your schedule is when you notice your tolerance increasing.

For those looking to balance this out for a relaxing evening experience may decide to combine it with Red Bali. This combination usually yields sedation though, so it is not ideal when productivity is needed. All of our powders are micronized to a particle size of around 40 microns for easy mixing and brewing, and all of our capsules are produced in a GMP compliant facility.

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Each size 00 gelatin capsule contain 650 mg of unadulterated kratom powder

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