Red Bali Powder

Red Bali Powder


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I found out about this product by complete chance. After researching it I thought I would try it and very happy I did. I suffer from diabetic neuropathy and have spent years prescribed to Lyrica with less and less effect as time went on. I bought the kratom to see if I could go a more natural route and reduce my comsumption of meds and it has been amazing. Although I don’t recommend anyone just stopping their medication, for me using this kratom, I have successfully been able to ween off my lyrica and with much more relief than lyrica ever provided. The taste of kratom definitely leaves something to be desired but mixing it up in a drink seems to help get it down easier. Was also thrilled at how low the price was for such a substantial amount.

Was very surprised on how well this works for pain- product always sent fresh. Will always put this in my order-

This is a very sedating strain, very relaxing-Highly recommend


Maeng Da vs Bali I like the Bali a little bit more seems to work a little better but the Da has some interesting effects and may be a little better for pain. I’m trying to find the best Kratom that does it all so the trials will continue!

thank you!

very good product& delivery in a very timely manner. very satisfied!

I add to protein shake in the am, and hip pain is …

I add to protein shake in the am, and hip pain is not noticeable.

(verified owner)

fantastic quality and prices and outstanding customer service!

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Red Bali Powder

This has become our most popular product since mid-2018.  It is especially high in the alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine, mitragynine, mitraphylline, and speciogynine and promotes analgesia.  It also helps to relax and boosts the mood.  Red Bali is also very high in the alkaloid 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, which has been shown to have an agonist effect on mu-opioid receptors, so many consider this the go-to strain for alternative pain relief.  As with all reds, this will tend to be more sedating than stimulating.

Red Bali’s popularity was given a distinct boost after the Netflix release of the film A Leaf of Faith.  Since the release of the documentary, red Bali has become our most popular strain, hands down, and we are proud to have a solid supply chain in place to ensure a steady inventory.  Best practices are implemented at all points including harvesting systems, material assortment, leaf drying, pulverization, final product preservation, and quality control.  All processes are carried out by experienced industry professionals guided by impeccable hygienic standards.

Our Red Bali powder has helped changed many lives for the better.  We have gotten an unbelievable number of positive testimonials about this specific product and are proud to offer it at premium quality.

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