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Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da kratom is a staple in our inventory and that of virtual any other vendor you’ll find. Ours is premium grade and our most popular red vein offering aside from red Bali capsules. Maeng Da strains in general are known for their consistently strong and well-balanced alkaloid profiles.

Maeng Da strains are actually a result of the horticultural technique of grafting, in which plants are crossbred with one another to yield the most desirable components of the parents. This processes (as it pertains to kratom, at least) is believed by many to have its origins in Thailand. In the end, this special kratom strain was created and it’s now become likely the most well-known throughout the community.

Each batch is tested for purity and only unadulterated products enter our cleanroom. Due to its increased potency, Red Maeng Da capsules should be counted out carefully and a low initial amount is recommended. At lower amounts, one may notice improved mood, enhanced cognitive functioning, and analgesia. With larger quantities, sedation begins to conquer stimulation and the leaf’s reported pain relieving properties take over.

Alkaloids are chemical compounds found in plants, and kratom is known in particular for one called mitragynine, which is responsible for much of the analgesic properties of the leaf. However, there are about 40 total alkaloids found in mitragyna speciosa (kratom’s scientific name), each with their own unique potential benefits. For a description of the various alkaloids found in the kratom tree leaf, visit Kratom Science

Our kratom powders are pulverized down to a microscopic 40 microns in particle size. This makes them go into suspension much easier and also makes a better ingredient in soaps and incenses due to its ability to disperse better than more coarse crumbles. To give you an idea of how tiny these particles are, 40 microns is approximately the size of eight human red blood cells.

Is portability a concern? Take your kratom on the road with you! Our kratom capsules come in size “00” for easy swallowing and each one contains 525 mg of kratom. Throw a bag in your car, gym bag, office drawer, or wherever you plan to be. We manufacture our capsules in-house so we are able to keep an eye over all parts of the production process (quality control and assurance).


IMPORTANT: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Product description may contain anecdotal reports submitted to Socratic Solutions by its customers. Nothing sold on this website is meant to replace prescription medications, and no content is intended to substitute for the advice of a licensed medical professional.


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8 reviews for Red Maeng Da Kratom


Maeng Da vs Bali I like the Bali a little bit more seems to work a little better but the Da has some interesting effects and may be a little better for pain. I’m trying to find the best Kratom that does it all so the trials will continue!


This strain is very sedative. As far as pain relieving, it gets an A+. Very calming! Loved it!

Kelly T.

will definitely order again!

Mari Pruitt

I’m not happy about the price increase, but the product is satisfactory. Thank you!


fast shipping. great product. great price

Michael F.

Really good strain price is amazing customer service is to this is a great company just wish they had extracts

Lisa Lucille

I got the Pills, so don’t know about the powder, but I assume its the same and good!

Edward Piechal

Great products and awesome staff. Thank you.