Red Thai Kratom



Red Thai Kratom

A Unique Red Vein Kratom Strain That Relieves Pain And Boosts Energy

Red Thai kratom is associated with relaxation, sedation, and contentment. These effects usually last around four hours or so for most, and then there may be a slight “afterglow effect” for some, which may last for another few hours. This can best be described as an overall mild feeling of euphoria and it’s great for when you’re winding down at the end of the day.

Thailand’s kratom trees have a robust history with the Thai population. It is likely that today’s trees result from improvements bred into the plant during its long lineage in the region, so the vast experience of the locals may have helped mold today’s final product. Just how popular is kratom in Thailand? A 2008 study found that as many as 70% of Thailand’s male population used kratom daily, and that was when it was still illegal. Another little known fact is that two particular alkaloids inside the kratom leaf, corynoxeine and isocorynoxeine. were first discovered in Thai kratom leaves.

Aside from the above effects, those who want to stop using recreational drugs sometimes seek out kratom as a way to mitigate opiate withdrawal symptoms. It was first identified in research literature from 1836 and then confirmed in 1895, that the kratom leaf was effective as a way to cure opium addiction. We can’t get into recommendations for the treatment of anything as that’s against the rules, but we have no shortage of testimonials from customers who used our products for this purpose and were happy with the outcome.

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