Red Vietnam Kratom



Red Vietnam Kratom

A Surprisingly Lifting Red Vein Strain

Red Vietnam kratom is in the high-middle range in terms of mitragynine content (the most well-known of the leaf’s beneficial components), but there’s something special about this type of red kratom. It happens to contain some of the highest levels of paynantheine, which is an alkaloid (natural bioactive chemical compound), inside the kratom leaf. The thing is, this isn’t your average sort of alkaloid.

Just like mitragynine, paynantheine is what’s called an indole alkaloid. Indole alkaloids are bioactive substances that, in kratom’s case, are reported to yield moderate psychoactive effects. These may include a noticeably more positive perspective on tasks and people, taking a greater interest in things, enhanced focus, and an increased desire to socialize, just to name a few. Pain-relieving properties have also been observed. Since red Vietnam kratom combines an above-average level of mitragynine and a high level of paynantheine and other compounds like it, it can yield some pretty respectable results.

Red Vietnam capsules are our “on-the-go” version of this somewhat hard to find strain, which has established a reputation for being very similar to Red Bali. The difference between the two is that red Vietnamese strains are said to be more euphoric, while Red Bali may be more analgesic. Usually the former contains higher levels of mitragynine, the alkaloid responsible for much of kratom’s analgesic properties, while paynantheine levels are about equal.

That said, there is a lot more to this leaf than mitragynine and paynantheine. There have been over 40 individual alkaloids found in the leaves and stems of the kratom tree, each with their own unique benefits. Here are some of them along with their average concentration as a percent of total alkaloids: mitragynine (66%), paynantheine (9%), speciogynine (7%), 7-hydroxymitragynine (~2%), and speciophylline (1%). The remainder is present in relatively smaller amounts, though they may not require much to show action in the body.

The unique alkaloid profiles of each individual kratom strain are associated with a variety of health benefits. For example, Jansen and Prast (1988) found that the Thai population used kratom to treat hypertension (high blood pressure), diarrhea, cough, fever, and mental health issues. For generations, the people of Southeast Asia have used the kratom leaf to create pastes or poultices for treating rashes, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

Red Vietnam kratom could be useful to those who don’t perform well in busy social situations (social anxiety). Many in the kratom community find that it is a bit easier to talk and be confident when using this type of strain. There is a reported uplift in mood that commences about an hour after consumption, and appetite may be moderately suppressed for four to five hours. It is not very common to find authentic Vietnamese kratom at this time, but we have a steady supply ready to help you feel better and pursue your alternative health goals.

Most people can expect the effects of red Vietnam to last around four hours, give or take. Powdered kratom is most often turned into a tea and consumed throughout the day, but some are able to scoop it into their mouths and swallow it down with a liquid of their choice. It comes down to how well you handle the taste. If you’re constantly on-the-go, you may find capsules to be much more convenient.

There are also many other uses for kratom that don’t involve consumption including soap making, organic incense, creating creams to treat rashes or dry skin, and many more. Buy your 100% organic red Vietnam today and pay nothing for shipping – ever. To learn more, check out our articles, What is Kratom?, and Kratom Strains: A Brief Guide.

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