Super Green Kratom



Super Green Kratom

A Classically Strong Kratom Strain


Super Green kratom is the most potent organic kratom product available. Laboratory analysis revealed ours to contain an astronomical amount of mitragynine and this number has been progressively increasing over time. Super Green Maeng Da Malaysian has a reputation for being a long-lasting kratom. Simply put, its plant cell walls are thicker than those of other strains, so it takes the body longer to break them down. This results in a duration of effects than may be up to eight hours.

Though now farmed outside of its native region, our Super Green can trace its roots (pun intended) to ancient Malaysia. Kratom trees from Malaysia have been shown to have higher volumes of total alkaloids than trees in other regions, even neighboring ones. A great deal of this has to do with a combination of year-round rainfall, mature peat soil that contains over 75% organic matter, and the biodiversity among the area’s lush rain forests.

This particular product begins its journey in southeast Asia where it is harvested from mature trees with stems (trunks) that are at least 10 cm in diameter. Underground conditions are also critical. Our strains come from trees that grow in soil that stays between 5.5 and 6.5 pH to yield the most effective product possible. After these mature leaves are removed from the tree, they are dried indoors for exactly two days.

After the drying is complete, the kratom is crushed into crumbles before going through a micronization process where particulates are reduced to a super-fine 40 microns for easy mixing and brewing. Smaller particles also disburse better when creating kratom soaps, incenses, and salves for skin treatments. This fine powder is also what we use to make our capsule products, which are great for when you’re on the go.

Some of this strain’s abundant alkaloids have shown the potential to help reduce fever and maintain normal blood pressure. Mitragynine is present in large amounts with our Super Green, and that’s the key element inside the kratom leaf that is sought for pain relief.

One of the other organic compounds, mitraphylline, has displayed toxicity to cancer cells. Another plant chemical, ajmalicine, is a potential cerebrocirculant, which means it may help maximize blood flow throughout the various vessels within the brain. Of course, there is still much research to be done regarding all of the potential benefits of each alkaloid, but the possibilities are exciting.

Most who order Super Green kratom find that they need less than they usually do with other strains. For beginners, it is advisable to start at no more than two grams (2.0 g) to assess tolerance. During this period, it is recommended to wait at least one full hour between doses to be safe. In one human study, mitragynine took on average about 50 minutes to reach maximum levels in the blood after consumption, so re-dosing quicker than that may result in very unpleasant nausea.

Try our Super Green today for the most efficient boost you will experience with any organic powdered (or encapsulated) kratom. According to our customers, this has been a reliable way to lift the mood, be more productive, increase enjoyment in mundane tasks, help tune down anxiety, and to curb chronic pains. All order ship free, no minimums.

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