Super White Kratom


If you’re looking for a way to power through the day and boost your mood without the jitters normally associated with traditional central nervous system stimulants, Super White kratom is what you’ve been seeking.

What Makes Super White Kratom Different

This special 100% white kratom strain hails from West Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia where it is hand-picked based on leaf maturity. After it is harvested, is undergoes a very specific curing process that involves the right balance of heat, humidity, and light.

The goal with a white cure is to manipulate the alkaloid profile in such a way that the end user finds it to be stimulating versus sedating. Once the leaf is completely dried, a process that takes place 80% indoors, it is turned into a finely ground powder by industrial grinding machines.

We are – to the best of our knowledge – the only US vendor whose kratom is processed for us to order. We also use more expensive air cargo to make its journey to the US happen in days rather than months. All these things result in us being able to provide, with consistency, the absolute freshest kratom still with its original alkaloid profile intact. Its aroma, taste, and vibrant appearance alone assure you that it was harvested only weeks before you ordered it.

How To Use Super White Kratom

There are a variety of ways you can take kratom products. One of the most popular ways is often referred to as the “toss and wash” method, which involves simply putting your measured dose onto your tongue and then chasing it down with a liquid of your choice, much like you do when you take a pill.

This is a quick and relatively easy way to consume kratom, though the taste is not for everyone. For those who can’t handle the bitterness or the consistency, we offer the same unadulterated kratom in capsule form as well.

Every two capsules contains a total of one gram of powder. A third and also very common solution is to brew a tea by steeping your Super White kratom in near-boiling water for at least 15 minutes before straining it into your serving container using cheesecloth or a similarly fine material.

Pro tip: let the mixture steep for up to three hours to draw as much of the leaf’s plant chemicals into your final product as possible.


We recommend a conservative approach if you’re inexperienced or have been away from kratom for a long period of time. Start with 1-3 g to assess your tolerance before deciding whether it’s necessary to take more.

Wait at least an hour before making that decision to allow the product to fully kick-in. Dose up to twice a day. Remember that it is important to take time off every now and then.

Three days on, one day off is a common schedule, while others choose to take their kratom during the week and take breaks on Saturday and Sunday. Whatever works best for your lifestyle – just remember that breaks are the key to keeping your tolerance down and avoiding any sort of potential dependence.

Our Super White kratom ships free six days a week no matter the size of the order. In most cases, orders processed before 1:00 PM EST will ship out same-day. If your order total reaches $50, you’re automatically upgraded to USPS Priority at no charge.

If you prefer an alternative carrier, we offer several UPS shipping options that you can choose from during checkout.

Each size 00 gelatin capsule contain 650 mg of unadulterated kratom powder

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