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Tri-blend Maeng Da Bali Kratom

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Tri-blend Maeng Da Bali Kratom

Our Own Blend of Red Bali Kratom Along With White & Green Maeng Da

Tri-blend Maeng Da Bali kratom is great for those who enjoy the special benefits of all kratom vein colors. Would you like to experience the potent analgesic effects often associated with red vein strains, right alongside the anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), motivational, and mood-boosting traits associated with white and green kratom?* We offer a compound of Red Bali, White Maeng Da, and Green Maeng Da in a ratio calculated for just this purpose.

Experiments may yield potent analgesic effects along with a strong boost of motivation and an improved sense of well-being. Tri-blend Maeng Da Bali kratom is especially high in the entire alkaloid spectrum. In one study, Red Bali was found to contain up to 24 total alkaloids on its own and some Maeng Da strains have presented with approximately 40.

Maeng Da kratom, in general, is intentionally bred to have higher mitragynine content than others. With this mixture, you can enjoy a balanced experience that lasts for four or five hours for most people. It is, of course, advisable to take some breaks from kratom periodically to avoid building up a high tolerance.

More research must be done to fully understand all of the potential benefits of the kratom leaf, but here’s a quick look at some of the more notable kratom alkaloids and what they have so far been associated with:

  • 7-hydroxymitragynine – pain relief, suppressing cough, relieving diarrhea*
  • mitragynine – pain relief, suppressing cough, relieving diarrhea, treating malaria, stimulation*
  • rhynchophylline – reducing or regulating blood pressure (calcium channel blocking), fighting inflammation, combating nausea, preventing blood clots, maintaining regular heart rhythm*
  • mitraphylline – vasodilator, anti-hypertensive, fighting leukemia, boosting the immune system, diuretic activity, relaxing muscles*
  • epicatechin – maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels through alpha-amylase inhibition, fighting inflammation, acting as an anti-cancer agent, antioxidant activity, prevention of blood clots, fighting bacteria, killing viruses*

We only supply pure, unadulterated kratom that comes directly from Indonesia by way of our longstanding business partners who have decades of experience in the kratom trade. As with all our kratom, and especially our Maeng Da, it is a good idea to start with a low dose so you can get a feel for how it will affect you before jumping right into your usual dose. Our customers continue to comment on the strength of our kratom so nausea is a possibility if it is dosed excessively.

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