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White Borneo Kratom


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White Borneo Kratom

White Kratom That Can Help You Go!

White Borneo kratom is one of the classic strains and is well known throughout the community. As the name implies, White Borneo is grown on the island of Borneo in Indonesia, from where we import it into the United States and begin the process of bringing it to you.

Borneo strains must be cured in the absence of sunlight for about three days before the leaves yield the olfactory notes that helped make them popular generations ago. As would be expected from white vein strains, white Borneo kratom is the “fastest” of the Borneo varieties and is great for work or study.

Most users will report a total duration of effects somewhere around four hours or so, though this window may become shorter as one becomes more experienced. Many users look to Borneo strains for increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and help in clearing mental fogginess.

Users have also reported enhanced cognitive function at low to moderate dosages*. With higher dosages, kratom is more likely to cloud the thought process, so keep it in moderation.

Borneo strains have a unique aroma that may be more appealing than that of some other strains, and its taste makes it a popular choice of tea brewers. If portability is your thing, we also offer our kratom products in capsule form.

All of our premium kratom is shipped for free six days per week with most orders shipped same-day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Blend Info:

Green - N/A
White - 65%
Red - 35%
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