White Malay Powder

White Malay Powder


White Malay Powder

White Malay powder come to us via the jungles of southeast Asia, where the soil and climate are optimal for the growth and maturation of the kratom tree. One study released around 15 years ago documented Malaysian strains as being the highest in overall alkaloid content. This of course considered the full alkaloid spectrum, not just the mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine that many newcomers associate with kratom. We believe that the success of the global kratom industry and its impact on harvesting processes and techniques has evened the playing field a bit in terms of strength across varieties, but our white Malay powder is sure strong.

This can be a valuable strain to those who suffer from anxiety issues. Testimonies often mention a bit of an increase in desire to socialize, so it should be a big help for group speaking or when subjected to a lot of “small talk.” All of our powdered kratom is produced to yield the smallest grain size possible without being too airy or dust-like – 100 microns is the sweet spot. This small particulate size helps those who prefer to brew drinks or blend their kratom with other mixtures.

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