Yellow Cambodian Powder

Yellow Cambodian Powder


Yellow Cambodian Powder


Yellow Cambodian powder comes to us directly from the humid climate and rich ecosystem comprising the jungles of Cambodia. This is a strain that consensus tells us is energetic but lacking the jitters sometimes associated with strong Maeng Das. Although the same can be said for other strains, users often report an anti-depressant effect that may subjectively rival that provided by St. John’s Wort. The difference between the two is Yellow Cambodian does not make users more photosensitive and may be a bit more agreeable to the system.

Yellow Cambodian powder can make a very aromatically-appealing brew that can offer approximately four hours of “drive.” In this way, it’s good for productivity. Cambodian has been preferred over Thai recently in our circle of associates, so we have bit hopes for it moving forward.

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Weight2 oz
Dimensions10 × 7 × 2 in

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