Yellow Thai Capsules

Yellow Thai Capsules


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Four Ounces, One Ounce

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First time to try this one- it has a strong taste, I guess that’s because it is packed with energy. Made me feel happy and interested in everything- if you have pain it will help you forget about it. Highly recommended!

This is a power punch in the face, deletes the pain and helps with energy. Very happy with this choice,



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Yellow Thai Capsules

Yellow Thai capsules provide a good mix of stimulation and focus. Some feel as though they are better able to retain information while using this strain, so it may be useful for studying or other tasks requiring concentration.  For some time, kratom had become illegal in Thailand, so our Thai plants are now grown in JongKong from which we receive it directly.

Thai undergoes a secondary curing process to achieve its color, its unique alkaloid profile, and its appealing aroma.  Perfectly developed leaves are harvested, cleaned, and dried at room temperature for three to five days.  They are then cured under shade until the desired color is attained.

Users find these capsules to be mildly stimulating and partially analgesic, but the true benefit comes from the strain’s mood-lifting ability.  This is a favorite for those who experience issues with anxiety or depression.  Additionally, those who become anxious around large groups or unfamiliar people may find that it helps them relax in situations that would otherwise stress them out.

All of our kratom is tested for contaminants during production and then again once we receive it in the United States.  We are proud to offer nothing but premium quality products at the lowest possible prices.  Always shipped fast and free!

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