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Yellow Thai Kratom:

An Underrated Energy Booster?

Yellow Thai kratom provides a good mix of stimulation and focus. Some feel as though they are better able to retain information while using this strain, so it may be useful for studying or other tasks requiring concentration. For some time, kratom had become illegal in Thailand, very much devastating those who harvested these leaves for their income. Thailand has recently revised this law and kratom is decriminalized, so we hope to see original Thai leaves again soon.

After the standard two to three day drying period, Thai undergoes a secondary curing process to achieve its color, its unique alkaloid profile, and its appealing aroma. Perfectly developed leaves are harvested, cleaned, and dried at room temperature for three to five days. They are then cured under shade until the desired color is attained.

This strain can often be characterized as energetic and uplifting, perhaps with a noticeable desire to socialize more than usual. That said, the kratom leaf (all alkaloids inside) does not produce a stimulant effect on the central nervous system as stimulant alkaloids are offset by others. For an extra kick, some people do combine yellow Thai powder with coffee to achieve these effects.

Care should be exercised when determining optimal portions. One can always add more later, but if the first portion is too large, it is near certain that an unpleasant bout of nausea will follow shortly thereafter. Start small! Yellow Thai powder has a notable aroma that distinguishes it from other yellows like Bentuangie and Cambodian.

Some of our customers reportedly associate this particular aroma with vanilla fragrance, though interpretations may vary among the community. At 40 microns in particle size, our kratom powders are easy to incorporate into a brew, or even include in a protein or meal replacement shake.



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Socratic Solutions always has the very best quality and price. They always go out of their way to help the best way they can.


Really enjoyed this strain- very calming-



Lisa W.



Teresa S.


This is a power punch in the face, deletes the pain and helps with energy. Very happy with this choice,


First time to try this one- it has a strong taste, I guess that’s because it is packed with energy. Made me feel happy and interested in everything- if you have pain it will help you forget about it. Highly recommended!