Yellow Thai Powder

Yellow Thai Powder


Looking For an Energy Boost?

Yellow Thai powder comes from, as you may guess, Thailand, where kratom had been outlawed until 2019. Now that producers are able to begin harvesting again, we are hoping that today’s growing and production techniques combined with the nutrient-dense soil of the region to produce Thai strains that compete with Maeng Das.

This strain can often be characterized as energetic and uplifting, perhaps with a noticeable desire to socialize more than usual. That said, no kratom type acts as a central nervous system stimulant, but some people do combine yellow Thai powder with coffee to achieve these effects.

Care should be exercised when determining optimal portions. One can always add more later, but if the first portion is too large, it is near certain that an unpleasant bout of nausea will follow shortly thereafter. Start small!

Yellow Thai powder has a notable aroma that distinguishes it from other yellows like Bentuangie and Cambodian. Some of our customers reportedly associate this particular aroma with vanilla fragrance, though interpretations may vary among the community. At 100 microns in particle size, our kratom powders are easy to incorporate into a brew, or even include in a protein or meal replacement shake.

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