Storing Kratom Properly | 5 Easy Tips

Like any food or dietary supplement, kratom stays fresh only for a limited time. Our research indicates that the leaf is best if consumed within two years of harvest with the optimal tmeframe being within the first three weeks of opening. If you only pick up your kratom as you go this may not come into play, but those who buy in bulk should be concerned with storing kratom properly.

Importance of the Container

It is of utmost importance to choose an airtight container. The longer your kratom is exposed to oxygen, the more oxidation it will undergo. Oxidation in this context means the breakdown of kratom’s key alkaloids leading to decreased effects.

Although it would take quite a while, at some point your kratom would be rendered useless. To avoid oxygen destroying your stash, you should keep your gear in a container that won’t allow air in. Completely sealed containers also help keep out moisture and bacteria.

Those most concerned with anti-bacterial properties may opt for NSF-certified containers like the ones we use for storing kratom. NSF-certified contact surfaces are easily cleaned and sanitized and hinder the spread of bacteria. Popular brands include Cambro, Rubbermaid Commercial, Winco, and Thunder Group.

Not all quality containers are certified. Airtight bins from Rubbermaid, OXO, Sterilite, Pyrex, and IRIS come in either plastic or glass in a variety of sizes. Read product reviews to help find the product with the tightest and longest-lasting seal.

Avoiding Exposure to Sunlight

Air isn’t the only potential enemy to consider when storing kratom. UV light can also oxidize its components causing the product to lose potency. If you aren’t going to be getting to your kratom until a while down the road, the effects can be measurable.

UV from the sun can also promote a rise in temperature. Temperature fluctuations are associated with moisture buildup. As we all know, condensation inside a container can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which you definitely don’t want in something you plan to consume.

The main culprit in UV oxidation is of course sunlight. Storing containers out in the open, on a countertop for example, is not recommended as a long-term solution. Even indirect sunlight can lead to the degradation of kratom’s key components.

Vacuum Sealing, Freezing, & Tea

Buying kratom in bulk is a great way to save money. You end up paying less per gram and you don’t have to order as much or worry about running out of kratom and waiting for delivery. Once you have so much kratom on hand, though, how do you actually go about storing it?

One pointer is to use a vacuum sealer. This will keep out air and moisture and is ideal for kratom that you won’t be getting to for a while. If you’ve purchased from us in bulk, your product bags are actually resealable using any standard (non-chamber) vacuum sealer.

If your kratom comes from elsewhere, you can use your vacuum sealer to portion out your kratom. Calculate how much you consume each week and multiply that by 12 or so to determine what amount to put into each vacuum bag. Take what you need and store the rest away.

Another recommendation is to keep your containers in the freezer. This helps combat another enemy of kratom – heat. It is best to avoid taking the container out too often as the variation from cold to warmth may promote condensation.

Storing kratom in the freezer may cause it to pick up scents and flavors from other items that you may have inside. A great way to combat this is with baking soda. Arm & Hammer makes a product called Fridge-N-Freezer that does the trick for very little cost.

If it is tea, rather than powder, that you are trying to store, you have another enemy to worry about. Unlike dry kratom, the alkaloids inside tea can be broken down by acid. If you use lemon or any other form of citric acid to help extraction, you will want to consume your drink quickly rather than leave it sitting for hours.

Buying Your Kratom in Bulk

Now that you know what to consider when storing kratom, what is the best option for buying it in bulk? Though the definition of bulk may vary between consumers, we have got you covered with full kilogram bags. All powder kilos are available singly and in packs of three and five.

Shop today to take advantage of the best value in kratom. You simply will not find better kratom for the price and we back our products with a thirty-day guarantee. Also, everything ships for free with no minimums.

All orders above $50 receiving a free upgrade to Priority shipping automatically. Overnight options are available and so is UPS shipping if you so prefer. Orders ship same-day, six days a week, if received by 1 pm EST.

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