High Potency Kratom Extract Powder



  • This product is much different than traditional kratom powder and the capsules made from it. If misused, intentionally or otherwise, there is a risk of overdose.
  • To be very clear, there have been cases of alleged fatal overdose from ingesting strong kratom extracts. These products are for experienced users only.
  • We implore you to use a milligram scale when measuring these products. See package insert for more information.

What is Full Spectrum Kratom Extract?

Our kratom extract powder comes in both full spectrum and isolated mitragynine versions, depending on the strength you select. Their effects are different, but due to the subjective nature of everyone’s experience and differences in body chemistry from person to person, neither one is categorically “stronger.”

Full spectrum extracts have a smaller ratio of mitragynine to other alkaloids, which are in this case paynantheine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine, with the last usually at very low levels. There may also be more of kratom’s 50+ alkaloids present, some also acting on the opioid receptor, but there are currently no labs that offer quantification of most of them. Many people who try full spectrum extract will say its effects are different than a MIT-only version.

In contrast, the isolated mitragynine versions use a different production process which leaves MIT as the only active ingredient. Mitragynine is present in large quantities in the kratom leaf compared to its other chemical compounds, and it is known for its role as a partial opioid receptor agonist. Most users find it to be stimulating at lower dosages, but more sedative as that amount is increased.

Our extracts are created in a cGMP compliant United States laboratory from pure, unadulterated Indonesian kratom leaf powder and are tested with lab results provided online as well as through as a QR code on each package.

How to Use Kratom Extract Powder

Every purchase comes with a mini scooping spoon to help you measure out your desired dose. We highly recommend using a digital scale when measuring your dose. Suggested use varies based on strength and is printed on every package. You will notice that some powders fill more volume than others at a given weight. This is normal and you can be sure you are receiving the weight you paid for. Please read the following instructions very carefully:

28% kratom extract powder (concentrated mitragynine):

1 to 3 scoops up to twice daily with a maximum of six scoops in any 24 hour timeframe. Wait at least four hours between uses. Each flat scoop holds about 50-60 mg of extract, which yields around 14-17 mg of mitragynine – what a good gram of kratom powder provides.

65% kratom extract powder (concentrated mitragynine):

1/2 to 1.5 scoops up to twice in a day with a maximum limit of three scoops in a 24 hour period and a minimum of four hours between doses. Each flat scoop holds about 50 mg of extract, which yields around 33 mg of mitragynine – about what you’ll find in two grams of good quality kratom powder.

80% full spectrum kratom extract powder:

1/2 to 1.5 scoops up to twice in any given day with no more than three scoops in any 24 hour period. Wait at least 45 minutes between doses. Every scoop (flat, not rounded) holds around 40 mg of powder, which yields ~27 g of mitragynine. If you go by the suggested use, you will be getting the level of alkaloids usually found in around 2 to 6 g of average kratom powder.


To take any version of our kratom extract powder, simply drop your dose into any amount of your favorite liquid, stir or shake it up, and drink up. Choosing a slightly acidic liquid like orange juice may help your body absorb more of the alkaloids compared to mixing with water. If you prefer to mix with water, try adding a bit of lemon juice for the same effect. Alternatively, some choose to simply take the powder like a pill and chase it with a drink because the volume needed is so small compared to normal kratom powder

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