29% Mitragynine Kratom Extract Powder


What Is Kratom Extract Powder

Our full spectrum kratom extract powder contains 29% mitragynine and 42.7% total alkaloids for a much more powerful punch than standard powder. This would be referred to by some other companies as something like “200x extract,” though we prefer to go by the actual content as per lab testing rather than a hypothetical content based on starting powder weight. This product is created in a United States laboratory from pure, unadulterated Indonesian kratom leaf powder.

How To Take Kratom Extract Powder

Every purchase comes with a mini scooping spoon to help you measure out your desired dose. Each level scoop of extract is equal to approximately 1.35 grams of traditional ground kratom leaf powder. We recommend beginners start with 1-3 scoops to assess tolerance and then work up from there if necessary.

Simply drop your extract into any amount of your favorite liquid, stir or shake it up, and drink up. Choosing a slightly acidic liquid like orange juice may help your body absorb more of the alkaloids compared to mixing with water. If you prefer to mix with water, try adding a bit of lemon juice for the same effect.

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