Mitragyna Speciosa is an organic dietary supplement that has recently seen a surge in demand. Enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom are two variations of this popular product that are becoming increasingly sought after. In particular, enhanced Indo kratom is one type that is gaining popularity.

This blog post will focus on enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom and how it differs from its traditional form. Read on to uncover the details of one of the most exciting new developments in natural supplementation!

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What is Enhanced Kratom?

Enhanced Ketum is a type of Mitragyna speciosa that has been extracted using solvents such as water or alcohol to concentrate its active components – the alkaloids responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects. This results in a more potent and fast-acting form of ketum, allowing users to experience more significant effects than raw powders alone.

Production Process

The production process of enhanced ketum involves solvent-based processes like liquid chromatography, freeze drying, maceration filtration, and sublimation distillation to extract chemically active components found within dried leaves. After extraction, these compounds are refined into oil or paste-like substances, which can be further concentrated if desired. Finally, they are encapsulated into powder form for easy consumption by users worldwide. Some vendors also offer pre-made tinctures and extracts to their customers.

Experienced Mitragyna speciosa users typically prefer enhanced ketum seeking a stronger and more potent effect than regular Mitragyna speciosa can provide. However, it is essential to note that enhanced ketum should be used responsibly and in moderation, to avoid potential adverse effects.

What is Ultra Enhanced Kratom?

Ultra enhanced ketum is a modified version of regular ketum powder that has been enhanced by adding additional alkaloids to it in the form of concentrated extracts or tinctures. This process increases the potency and efficacy of the product, resulting in more pronounced effects at lower doses than plain leaf products alone.

The Production Process

The production process for ultra enhanced Mitragyna speciosa involves selecting a base strain of plain leaf powder and adding various concentrations and combinations of isolates and extracts to create a single batch or “run.” Each batch will have slightly different properties from one, depending on the quality and concentration levels used. Still, most commercial products will contain similar amounts of active compounds throughout all batches produced from the same run.

Overall, ultra enhanced ketum offers a more potent and efficient version of traditional ketum, providing users with more pronounced effects at lower doses.

Differences Between Regular, Enhanced, and Ultra Enhanced Ketum


  • Harvested from mature leaves with no further processing beyond drying
  • No chemicals are added during production
  • A healthier choice with minimal side effects


  • Powdered high-alkaloid content leaves blended with regular ketum
  • Offers more potent effects than regular ketum (e.g., a 10x extract)
  • Effects can last anywhere from two to five hours long
  • Users should proceed with caution when making their purchase

Ultra Enhanced

  • Highly concentrated extracts of pure alkaloids mixed into commercial-grade strains or blends
  • Usually available in powder form only
  • Tends to produce stimulant-like solid effects lasting around four hours
  • It can cause mild nausea if consumed in large quantities
  • Users should practice strict control when using these variants of ketum
  • Best suited for experienced users only
  • First-timers can try them in small amounts for modest results

Effects of Enhanced and Ultra Enhanced Kratom


  • Enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom are more potent than regular ketum.
  • This results in stronger and longer-lasting effects.
  • Individual experiences may vary based on dosage, strain, and personal factors.

Enhanced Ketum Effects

  • Increased energy
  • Heightened mood
  • Increased focus
  • Others have experienced a sense of relaxation or euphoria.

Ultra Enhanced Ketum Effects

  • Intense stimulation
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Heightened well-being

Duration and Dosage

  • Effects of enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom tend to last longer and require smaller doses to achieve similar effects than regular Mitragyna speciosa.


  • Due to the increased potency of enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom, users should exercise caution when using these products.
  • Avoid taking excessive amounts.


Enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom is a revolutionary natural supplement. These specialized versions of ketum undergo unique production processes like liquid chromatography, freeze drying, maceration filtration, and sublimation distillation, making them highly potent. Their effects can include increased energy levels, enhanced moods, and pain relief.

However, the responsible use of such products is key to maximizing the benefits while avoiding potential side effects. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that moderation is the key to safe usage and reaping all their positive benefits.

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What is the difference between enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom?

Enhanced Mitragyna speciosa is made by mixing crushed ketum leaves with a higher concentration of alkaloids. Ultra enhanced Mitragyna speciosa is made by further processing enhanced ketum with the addition of an extracted alkaloid concentrate, creating an even stronger potency level.

What are liquid ketum extracts, and how are they used?

Liquid ketum extracts are highly concentrated versions of Mitragyna speciosa that are typically stronger than standard Mitragyna speciosa. They are easy to use and can be added to drinks or taken directly. Serving sizes are usually less than five mL.

Where can I obtain high-quality enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom?

To secure top-tier enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom, it is essential to research vendors for their safety practices and compliance standards, such as those detailed by the American Kratom Association. Conducting a thorough vetting process before making any purchases is highly recommended.

What dosage should be taken when consuming enhanced or ultra enhanced Mitragyna speciosa?

When using Enhanced or Ultra Enhanced ketum products, always begin with minimal doses (no higher than 1 gram). Never surpass the prescribed dose, commencing with half of your regular serving size when experimenting with Mitragyna speciosa extracts. Subsequently, increase as needed to acquire desired effects.

Is combining enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom with other substances safe?

It is essential to consider safety when combining enhanced and ultra enhanced kratom with other substances. Limited research is available to determine the potential risks associated with such a combination, so caution and careful consideration should be taken before doing so.

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