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The following list contains real questions from actual consumers as well as what we would like to know if we were you. This page is open but still under construction, so please bear with us while we make sure the list is as comprehensive as it should be.

There is indeed a difference between strains (see our notes on kratom strains). The difference is in the composition of the leaf’s overall alkaloid profile, which tends to vary across different plants. The amount and type of plant compounds present depends on environmental factors like soil conditions, climate, and harvesting techniques.

Remember that mitragynine is not the only effective alkaloid in kratom. It’s not even the only opioid-receptor agonist (analgesic). Other indole and oxindole alkaloids, including paynantheine, 3‐isopaynantheine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, corynoxine, and corynoxine B, contribute to the overall effect.

Yes. We most often use carrier-provided packaging, which will have only the carrier’s logo and designs. Some larger or specialty shipments may arrive in a plain, unmarked box. Our shipping labels only list our return address in care of Socratic Solutions Inc., so there is no indication of kratom or package contents of any kind.

We can currently accept electronic checks (e-checks), peer-to-peer payment methods or apps like Google Pay, Venmo, Pop Money (and many others), Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, check by mail, credit cards via e-gift cards, and direct bank transfer. We may consider COD for some orders upon request.

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There is no inherent difference between kratom vein colors in terms of effects or benefits. The color of a kratom powder by the time it reaches the end-user is largely a function of where the leaves are physically dried and the duration of that process. Some of it is simply a traditional supplier or vendor marketing tactic.

When kratom is set out to dry for longer periods in direct sunlight, the result is usually a powder with a red, brown, or golden tone. This does not necessarily mean those strains are going to be more potent pain-relievers, nor does a bold white powder color guarantee significant stimulation. Most people would never know the difference between the two if the mitragynine content was the same.

Don’t let the color of a particular kratom product fool you. Some of the most potent Red Bali we’ve ever welcomed was nearly identical to Green Maeng Da in its coloration, and we have seen white kratom that was an unbelievably sedative. Remember, there is more to the kratom leaf than just the mainstream opiate-like alkaloids. See our kratom guide for more information.

PayPal no longer allows people to purchase kratom using their platform, despite the fact that it is legal federally, where PayPal is located, where we are located, and where our customers are located. We were one of the last handful of vendors out there successfully running kratom credit and debit transactions through PayPal before being banned in May of 2019. They shut down our accounts and banned our EIN number as well as the personal Social Security numbers of our managers.

Worth noting is that PayPal failed to come up with an explanation as to what explicit policy, term, or condition was violated. We reviewed these documents for days and discussed the matter with an attorney as well, only to end up just as confused as we were when we were banned.

Yes, our kratom is tested by an ISO 17025:2005 accredited regulatory compliance and food safety testing facility using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), inductively coupled plasma (ICP), and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Our materials are screened for aerobic plate count, coliforms, staphylococcus, salmonella, listeria, E. coli, yeast, mold, heavy metals. Specific alkaloid contents are positively identified and quantified as well.

We sell organic kratom, which means it is not modified beyond its removal from the kratom tee and being tried by the sun before being pulverized into a more easily-consumed form. Kratom extracts are the product of refining the leaf and isolating mitragynine content, which makes the product no longer organic. We are in compliance with kratom regulations in place around various parts of the country that support organic, unadulterated kratom only.

The generally accepted pronunciation in the United States is KRAY-tom.

Yes, we our now able to do business internationally again without restrictions and imports are no longer affected. We are happy to accommodate volume orders. Please see our base price list and submit any questions or requests.

Yes. At checkout, choose the credit card alternate method option and follow the instructions on the following screen. You will use your prepaid or credit card to purchase an electronic gift card and list us as the recipient. You simply use your Socratic Solutions order total for the gift card amount.

It is then sent to us directly from the retailer via email. Once we can verify the gift card. your order is filled and shipped. We currently accept gift cards from Walmart.com and Amazon.

Our kratom averages close to or over 2% mitragynine, which is significantly higher than found with most vendors. We will not accept into inventory anything under 1.7% mitragynine, and we always have stocked strains that test at over 2.2%. Remember, though, mitragynine is not the only compound in kratom responsible for the leaf’s effects.

The specifics will vary with your chosen payment method, but you should receive an immediate confirmation from your peer-to-peer payment app upon funds transfer, confirmation from your bank for ACH or direct transfers, an email from us upon receipt of your check, or a receipt from the USPS courier if the payment method was COD.

If your order shows as “Pending” on your order status page, we require your input. If your order is marked “Completed,” your payment was good and your order has been shipped. Gift card payments are confirmed via email as soon as we verify them.

Yes, but not directly. We accept credit cards by way of peer-to-peer payment apps and e-gift cards. At this time we can only accept electronic gift cards from Amazon and Walmart.

This is considered equivalent to other payment methods and your order ships as soon as we receive the card. The pay by gift card process takes approximately three minutes to complete.

Kratom will always fluctuate in color between batches. The conditions of the plant’s soil, the region’s prevalent weather characteristics, and how the leaves are handled and dried upon harvest are all influential. The color of a kratom type is not an accurate predictor of its makeup or the effects it will yield.

Both are known for their anxiety relieving properties, but that’s one of the few things they have in common. Kratom and kava are two completely unrelated botanical substances with entirely different effects and mechanisms of action. Kava is a GABA-a (brain chemical) potentiator that lends itself to sedation and relief from anxiety. It has a lot in common with alcohol.

Kratom’s major actions occur at the opioid receptors and it tends to produce greater pain relieving power and a slightly more euphoric, upbeat experience. Kava may be a better anti-anxiety option, but kratom is light years ahead of kava in the pain relieving area. Don’t forget, kratom is associated with several other potential natural health benefits as well.

There are currently no laws anywhere that explicitly outlaw kratom seeds, seedlings, live plants, or the act of cultivating the tree. That said, kratom has been shamefully outlawed in a number of jurisdictions across the US. If you’re in one of those areas, don’t leave it up to them to apply that law as they see fit.

Evidence has shown that particular chemicals in the kratom leaf may promote a healthy blood sugar level.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The average kratom tree is first harvested at between six months and one year of age at which point all accessible, mature leaves are removed and washed. Some traditional kratom users prefer to chew the leaves or boil fresh clippings for tea, so they would be done at this point. To create kratom powder like the red and yellow types, leaves are spread across large tarps under artificial light and heat or outside under the sun for various times to dry. Some farmers use fermentation bags to acheive yellow colors.

White and green kinds are usually the result of indoor rack drying with temperature and humidity conditions contributing to the alkaloid levels of the final product. After drying, the kratom leaf is run through a grinding machine which produces a super fine powder. At this point it should be tested and packaged for delivery to the distributor or vendor who brings it to you.

The toss-and-wash method refers to simply dumping a predetermined amount of kratom directly into the mouth and swallowing it down quickly with a considerable amount of water or other liquid acting as a sort of chaser. This is one of the more popular methods of consumption, though the taste of kratom may be an automatic deal breaker for some. If you’d rather avoid the taste of kratom powder, it may be an easier option to brew a tea or order kratom capsules instead.

There is not much research on this, but one study of kratom leaf powder found White Borneo to have the highest overall alkaloid content while Green Malay scored highest in mitragynine. There were 15 total strains analyzed during the study so the diversity of kratom sources was not comprehensive. Also, remember that there is a lot more to kratom than the levels of just a couple key alkaloids.

The oxidation of mitragynine to 7-hydroxymitragynine causes kratom to turn a reddish color. 7-OH-mitragynine is often associated with feelings of sedation and potent analgesia, so strains like Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, or Red Elephant are all viable choices here.

Research is lacking in this area, but it’s best to assume that taking kratom while pregnant could harm your baby. To be clear, our position is that our products are not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing.