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Green Maeng Da Kratom


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Green Maeng Da Kratom

The Most Popular Green Vein Kratom Around

Green Maeng Da kratom provides the perfect balance between relaxation and stimulation. The most distinct effect is usually an overall improved sense of well-being and contentment. This is a particularly popular strain among those who suffer from anxiety as it may help to alleviate the pressures of socializing with unfamiliar faces or in large groups.

Green Maeng Da may help those with chronic pain through the opioid receptor agonist actions of mitragynine and similar alkaloids inside the kratom leaf. Everyone reacts differently to each strain, but most people will find that it is more difficult to end up with nausea when using this strain compared to some others. Look for effects to last for around four to five hours.

Those looking to balance this out for a relaxing evening experience may decide to combine it with Red Bali. This combination usually yields sedation though, so it is not ideal when productivity is needed. Many of our customers who are looking to add an energy boost to green kratom often rely on strains like Maeng Da Sulawesi or even a more energetic red like Red Maeng Da.

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Green - 100%
White - N/A
Red - N/A
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