Maeng Da Sulawesi Powder

Maeng Da Sulawesi Powder


Maeng Da Sulawesi Powder


Experience what is one of the strongest strains around in our premium Maeng Da Sulawesi powder.  Maeng Da is categorically the strongest traditional strain due to crossbreeding techniques that yield a higher overall percentage of each alkaloid.  However, the unique attributes of Sulawesi’s soil and climate make for an elevated experience.  The team over at Kratom Science compiled a list of each alkaloid in kratom leaves along with their individual benefits, and it can be found here.

Sulawesi’s climate, like that of most of the region, is warm and humid.  This is optimal for kratom leaves to reach maturity quickly with more a more robust constituent profile.  The Sulawesi jungle’s soil is consistently between pH 4.5 and 6.79 in the parts of the island in which most kratom trees are concentrated.  This level of acidity is vital to producing properly matured leaves and the unique aroma that many find appealing.

All kratom strains begin with a red central vein, and the color turns greener as the leaf reaches optimal maturity and potency.  Our Maeng Da Sulawesi is a beautiful, deep green that is indicative of its strength.

The effects of Maeng Da Sulawesi powder manifest like the characteristics of both green and white vein strains together – stimulation, mild to moderate analgesia, improved mood, and enhanced cognitive function if used properly.  Sedation and nausea are uncommon.  This sort of kratom takes over an hour to exhibit desired results, but it can last up to five hours.

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This is excellent for pain and is energetic as well!!