Red Maeng Da Capsules

Red Maeng Da Capsules


Red Maeng Da Capsules

Red Maeng Da capsules are premium grade and our most popular red vein offering aside from Red Bali capsules.  Believed by many to have its origins in Thailand, Maeng Da strains are actually a result of the horticultural technique of grafting, in which plants are crossbred with one another to yield the most desirable components of the parents.  In this case, the result was a type of kratom with significantly higher alkaloid content than that of its counterparts.  This technique spread to other regions and eventually found its way to JongKong, where ours is harvested today.

Each batch is tested for purity and only unadulterated products enter our cleanroom.  Due to its increased potency, Red Maeng Da capsules should be counted out carefully and a low initial amount is recommended.  At lower amounts, one may notice improved mood, enhanced cognitive functioning, and analgesia.  With larger quantities, sedation begins to conquer stimulation and the leaf’s reported pain relieving properties take over.

For a description of the various alkaloids found in the kratom tree leaf, visit Kratom Science

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Maeng Da vs Bali I like the Bali a little bit more seems to work a little better but the Da has some interesting effects and may be a little better for pain. I’m trying to find the best Kratom that does it all so the trials will continue!