Can you mix Kratom with orange juice? We have seen many of you ask this question. So today, we are here to clear the confusion and settle the matter.

Unless you prefer capsules and pills, the powder’s organic richness results in a stronger smell and an occasionally bitter aftertaste. However, there is a method to use oranges to avoid this undesirable flavor.

As more people keep on joining the fan club, we keep finding better ways to consume Mitragyna Speciosa. Since most of these approaches enhance the herb’s effects, they are ideal for inexperienced users and are also beginner-friendly.

If your taste can handle it, you can consume the herb in its raw form. But there are other methods you can try out if you have trouble swallowing it as it is or even with water. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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Why Are Kratom––Combined Beverages Important?

Unlike natives from nations like Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, who like to chew the raw leaves, individuals from other parts of the world do not share the same fondness. One of the main barriers preventing most people from fully embracing Speciosa is its harsh and bitter flavor.

Although this plant can be beneficial, it can be hard to consume in its raw state. To make it more pleasant and easier to take, the bulk of consumers prefer mixing it with other beverages. That’s why enthusiasts create herbal drink mixes, like orange juice, that deliver balanced effects and a generally pleasing flavor.

The powder’s all-purpose quality enables users to mix it with their regular favorite drinks and enjoy the benefits of its effects all day long. Ensure that the recipe you are creating maintains Mitragyna’s original efficacy.

Why Add Kratom to Your Orange Juice?

Millions of daily botanical users who drink orange juice found the result of this combination to be completely surprising. Studies have discovered the orange juice that has long been a part of our morning to be a capable Kratom potentiator, and continuous usage of it might make the effects more potent and longer-lasting.

Orange juice is well known for its vitamin-rich composition. And the molecules in citric acid work wonderfully with the herb’s alkaloids. How? Let us elaborate!

How Does Orange Juice Act Like a Potentiator?

Orange juice has benefits beyond just lessening the tree leaf powder’s bitterness. Citric acid, which is abundant in this drink, works effectively as a solvent for the herb’s alkaloids.

Acidic solvents enhance the solubility of the alkaloids. Thanks to citric acid’s chemicals, the molecules break down into smaller, more highly absorbable particles. Therefore, when you consume Mitragyna Kratom with orange juice, the primary alkaloids and other compounds are metabolized and absorbed into the bloodstream. Citric acid also slows down digestion, so upon consumption Kratom with orange juice, the effects are stronger and last longer.

Moreover, oranges contain additional vital substances like naringin and bergamottin, which prevent the breakdown of alkaloids. The botanical’s components perfectly combine with the citric acid’s molecules to form a homogeneous mixture.

In comparison to other beverages, this juice may extricate and assimilate a higher quantity of alkaloids, making it a better potentiator. The more absorbed alkaloids there are in it, the better the drink’s effect. So, if you want to experience the powder’s zing, combine Kratom with orange juice.

In addition to saving you from the bitter taste of the supplement, a single glass can also save you lots of extra money.

Orange Juice and Kratom Combination Recipe

Let’s proceed and see how simple it is to make a glass of Kratom with orange juice to have along with your supplement’s daily dose.

The Manual Method

This recipe is the finest one out there. However, only freshly harvested oranges will give you the desired outcome.

You must do the following:

  1. Oranges should be washed and dried with tissues or kitchen towels.
  2. After that, split them in half.
  3. Using knives, remove as many seeds as you can.
  4. One at a time, squeeze the orange’s halves as much as possible into a glass.

Your orange juice is now ready. All that’s left for you to do is to strain off the remaining seeds. You may also chill it in the refrigerator.

Using a Juicer or Blender

  1. Oranges should have their outer skin removed.
  2. Make sure to separate the seeds before cutting them into many small pieces.
  3. The pieces should now be added to a blender jug and processed until the juice has a thin consistency.
  4. And if you’re using a juicer, place each orange piece in the machine one at a time and press until the desired amount of juice gets extracted.

After completing all the steps, you will have freshly made orange juice to increase the potency and longevity of your regular Kratom dosage.

What Dosage is Compatible of Kratom with Orange Juice?

For the first dose, beginners using Kratom would do well to stick with two grams or less. It’s advisable if you don’t move on to a higher dosage until you understand how your body responds to the substance.

Kratom ’s general dose recommendations include:

  • Low-Dose (2–6 grams of dried powder)
  • High-Dose (6–12 grams of dried powder)

You are more likely to experience the effects as you consume more of the botanical. But as long as you stay below 12 grams, there should be no problems.

Kratom Strains Suitable for Orange Juice

Since orange juice pairs nicely with all strains, you may choose your favorite kind. However, some of the variants that work well with orange juice and are most suitable include:

Red Vein Bali

This variety is renowned for having moderate properties, making it ideal for novices. The alkaloids present in modest amounts in red vein Bali are the best pair for orange juice’s citric acid. These alkaloids, plus the antioxidants in orange juice, make an ideal blend.

Maeng Da

Maeng Da, one of the most well-known strains, is recognized for its enhanced potency. The alkaloids in the powder are extracted and bonded with the citric acid’s molecules when combined with orange juice, boosting its efficacy. For seasoned Mitragyna users, this potent strain is often a recommendation.

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Final Thoughts

So, can you mix Kratom with orange juice? As you can see, incorporating Kratom into your orange juice has many advantages. But the best part? It simply tastes so good. So the next time you’re buying the botanical, make sure to get your hands on some oranges as well!

But do make sure that your all-natural herb comes from a reliable manufacturer accredited by the American Kratom Association.

What are the Different Types of Kratom Strains?

There are several different strains, which you can categorize into four groups: white, red, green, and yellow.

Can I Blend Leaves into My Orange Juice?

If you don’t have the powder, there is no problem with blending the herbal leaves into your juice. However, the taste will be relatively more bitter as compared to the powder.

Where Can I Buy Kratom Online?

If you want Kratom, leading retailers including Golden Monk, Amazing Botanicals, SuperNatural Botanicals, and SocraticSolutions are all available.

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