Yellow Bentuangie Kratom

Yellow Bentuangie Kratom


Yellow Bentuangie Kratom

Yellow Bentuangie kratom is finally here –  after almost a year of searching. This kratom strain is somewhat rare among western vendors. Bentuangie varieties actually all start as red vein and then go through a fermentation process. The result is a strain that many agree is especially euphoric and stimulating. Think of it as a more relaxing version of yellow Thai. Feelings of enhanced focus and elation may be felt along with a boost in productivity.

This is considered a “high-energy” strain. Yellow Bentuangie kratom is a popular choice to help with anxiety issues because it tends to make users more outgoing. Reports often describe distinguishable analgesic properties that endure for approximately four hours with many reports mentioning an “afterglow” effect that increases overall contentment for some hours beyond that. A popular starting dosage for this strain is somewhere around three or our grams, but there is no officially recommended dose for everyone.

Those seeking greater pain control may choose to stack it with red Bali capsules for a great combination. Such a combination may result in great stimulation and contentment while capturing the sedating and relaxing properties that many associate with Red Bali.

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