The Kratom business has expanded tenfold in the past few years, and tons of new strains of Kratom have been developed over time by Speciosa enthusiasts. The most potent Mitragyna strain developed so far is Super Sunda Kratom.

There’s a chance that you haven’t heard about this variant since it’s so rare that only a few high-end vendors sell it. In this article, we’ll discuss the amazing Super Sunda Kratom, what it is, and how it differs from other Mitragyna strains.

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What’s The Hype About Super Sunda Kratom?

Super Sunda Kratom, or Sunda Speciosa, also called Sundanese in some regions, is a variant of Kratom that grows in the Sunda Islands in South Asia.

Sunda Speciosa differs from other Mitragyna varieties mainly because of the region it grows in. It requires a hot, humid, almost tropical climate to grow well.

The unique thing about this strain is that, because of this temperature, the plant undergoes some chemical alterations during its maturation stages.

A fully matured Sunda plant has a higher concentration of alkaloids as compared to other Mitragyna species. And a higher concentration of alkaloids means a more powerful effect after use.

These alkaloids give the substance its characteristic effects on the body. The most important include mitragynine, 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, paynantheine, and mitraphylline.

Because of the commercialization of Mitragyna, this species is pretty much available all year. However, in the wild, it only grows at a specific time.

The powder is extracted from the leaves of old trees, so a lot of time is required to harvest it. Commercially, relatively young trees extract the powder due to the high demand for the variant.

What Are The Types Of Sunda Species?

Sunda Kratom is subclassified into four types, listed below:

  1. Green Sunda
  2. Red Sunda
  3. White Sunda
  4. Yellow Sunda

This classification of Sunda Kratom is based on the color of the veins of the plant. The red and green veins are more common. The white veins are comparatively less common, while the leaves with yellow veins are a rare type.

Let’s talk about each of these subclasses. Each type has a different effect and is distinct from the other.

1.  Green Sunda Kratom

The green sunda kratom grows in the Sunda Islands. It is extracted from the leaves of old trees. The plant will be green in color with green veins.

Physical Appearance

The powder appears as a fresh, minty green color.


Think of the green color of the powder as a go sign. This strain will produce a soothing, relaxing effect on the nervous system. The effect lasts for hours and will keep you alert. It is non-sedating.

2.  Red Sunda Kratom

The red sunda kratom also grows in South Asia at the Sunda Islands. The sand, clay soil, and mangroves are perfect conditions for growing the red strain. The leaves appear green in color with red veins.

Physical Appearance

The powder appears green in color. It will have a secondary red tinge to it.


The red color of this strain screams emergency. This is because this type of Sunda Speciosa is known to produce a highly sedating effect. It may even be considered the most potent variant of Kratom. Many users have also reported experiencing a euphoric feeling.

3.  White Sunda Kratom

Like the others, the White Sunda Kratom is also found in the Sunda Islands. It is also harvested from mature, old trees. However, in the wild, the incidence of finding leaves with white veins is very low.

Physical Appearance

The powder appears almost brown in color. It may have a greenish tinge to it.


Think of this brownish-green powder as coffee, only a hundred times more potent. It will give you a nice energy boost in the morning, getting rid of all fatigue. You may even feel some analgesic effects.

4.  Yellow Sunda Kratom

The oldest Sunda trees are used to make the yellow variant. Some people also suggest that leaves with white veins are left to dry out in the sun and then made into powder, which gives it a characteristic yellow appearance.

The sun seemingly alters the chemical composition of Sunda Kratom, giving it an earthy, almost sweet flavor and a high alkaloid concentration.

Physical Appearance

It appears as a yellow powder, much like turmeric. But in contrast to turmeric, it has a greenish hue to it. Some variants may even have a red tinge to them.


The Yellow Sunda Kratom is the best of the three. Good potency, non-sedating, and a relaxing effect The cherry on top is the good aftertaste and the earthy aroma.

In What Forms Is The Super Sunda Kratom Available?

The Super Sunda Kratom is currently available in two forms: powdered and capsule form.

The powder is prepared by first drying the sundew leaves. This process is followed by the grinding of the dried leaves into a powdered form. Many users like to mix the green and red strains to get the best of both effects.

The capsule form of Sunda Kratom is available on many sites. The capsule contains prefixed preparations, so there’s not much mixing involved. It already has the statistically best amount of all the variants mixed together.


The amazing Super Sunda Kratom is a variant of Kratom that grows in the Sunda Islands in South Asia. It is unique because of the hot and humid climate of the region, which produces some alterations in the plant’s chemical composition to give it a higher alkaloid content than other Mitragyna species.

It is a relatively rare species as it takes a long time to mature and grows at a very specific time. The powder is harvested from the dried-up leaves of old trees.

The Sunda Speciosa has four distinct types: green, red, white, and yellow, based on the color of the veins of the leaves of these trees. Each type has its characteristic effects. It is available at high prices in powdered and capsule forms at high-end vendors.

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Is Sunda Kratom more expensive than other Mitragyna strains?

Yes, the Sunda kratom strain is relatively more expensive with respect to other Mitragyna strains.

Is Sunda Kratom more potent than other Mitragyna strains?

This depends on which variant of Sunda Speciosa you are going to use. The Red Sunda strain of Kratom is known to produce a highly potent sedating effect.

Where can I buy Super Sunda Kratom?

The Super Sunda Kratom might be available at high-end online stores.

Is the capsule form of Super Sunda Kratom more potent than the powdered form?

The capsule form of the Sunda strain is likely to contain a better and more balanced proportion between the variables.

Is Super Sundae Kratom good for me to use at work?

This depends on which type of Sunda Kratom you’re using. The green super sunda kratom is more likely to keep you alert and awake at work.

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