DEA Kratom bans update 2022 is a hot topic among all-natural herb lovers. The DEA has long sought to outlaw this herb. Everything began in 2016 when they first voiced their opinion of prohibiting Kratom. Once the DEA’s Kratom prohibition was made public, it quickly sparked a wave of objections from the general population.

The restriction on herbs got lifted as a result of this uproar. The revelation of this restriction only heightened the appeal of the all-natural plant. However, from time to time, even after all this, the news of banning the tree leaf herb kept surfacing.

Nevertheless, some US states are working on making Ketum unlawful. On the other hand, a few states have banned the buying and selling of the herb. To know more about the DEA Kratom ban 2022, continue reading.

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DEA Try to Ban Kratom

The US had historically had an on-off relationship with this organic herb. It was always said to have an impact on the user, and the 2016 ban—while only temporary—made the problem more acute. Moreover, the FDA classified this herb as being “dangerous.” However, the public had more power, and seeing the backlash they received- the ban was uplifted.

Currently, there is no formal federal prohibition on the herb. That does not imply that it will always be that way, though. Although the DEA and FDA are making every effort to make Kratom illegal, organizations like the American Kratom Association make it seem unlikely that they will be successful anytime soon.

Why is DEA Continuously Trying to Ban Kratom?

While being one of the herbs with 16 million users in the US alone, DEA is still trying to ban Mitragyna speciosa. As Ketum grew in popularity, the DEA and FDA worked together to make it illegal. The leading reason, as stated by the DEA, is that not enough testing has gotten done to pronounce it safe. But how will the researchers examine the leaf if the DEA blocks their efforts by their attempts to outlaw the natural herb?

According to the DEA, the plant played a role in fifteen fatalities. The word “apparently” is used because there is no proof that the deaths were caused primarily by the natural plant. Moreover, the plant did not yield adequate results following an examination, giving DEA the upper hand to ban the tree leaf powder.

What is FDA’s Problem with Kratom?

FDA similarly connected the fatalities to Mitragyna without supporting data, as did DEA. In reality, nine other chemicals were discovered in the toxicology reports of the deaths, and the FDA did not conduct any medical tests to determine whether Ketum was related to the demises.

Even though scientists have said that you can not put Mitragyna and other toxic substances on the same level- DEA and FDA still work together to make Kakaum vanish from the market by prohibiting it. The researchers suggest that FDA and DEA allow them to investigate the tree leaves properly, but both parties stop the consumption of the plant. It can be concluded from their efforts that an FDA Kratom ban in 2022 may be a possibility.

Is Mitragyna Speciosa Still Allowed?

Mitragyna users do not have to worry about their favorite herb being restricted because, as for now, no DEA or FDA is forbidding it. However, if you are a new user or even an experienced consumer, you need to know there are some states and cities in the US where the Mitragyna is illegal as per their laws. Here are the US states where it is unlawful to buy or sell the all-natural herb:

  • Arkansas
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin
  • Vermont
  • Indiana
  • Alabama

Aside from these five areas, the other states in the US allow to buy, sell, and consume the herbal product, such as Nevada, Montana, Washington, Massachusetts, Utah, New Mexico, Maryland, New York, South Carolina, Florida, and more.

Can the Kratom Consumers Help to Stop the DEA Kratom Ban?

Researchers try everything but fail. Now, it is time for the customers to stop the never-ending tug and war between DEA and Kratom by assuring that the DEA Kratom ban 2022 goes not proceed. So, yes, the customers can also help to save their herbs.

If you want to see the future of this plant, then there is one thing the buyers can do- assist the herb legality movement. It will result in the herb being banned, which is the worst nightmare of anyone who likes Ketum , so you better take action. If nothing is done, those who need Ketum may not be able to get it, and there will likely be further disapproval of the tree leaf powder.

With a massive following for the plant, we can accomplish the same as in 2016 when the public forced the government to lift the prohibition.

How Can the Public Help?

The buyers can also help with the American Kratom Association(AKA) to debunk any misconceptions and misinformation about the organic tree leaves. So what can the public do?

  1. Buying lab-tested products are the key. When you contact stores near you or shop online, ensure that the vendor sells lab-tested products. That would mean that the vendor is trustworthy and has safe Kratom Products.
  2. Side with the AKA. Send endorsements in the form of videos and any financial support by joining the AKA.
  3. Raise your voice and inform the local authorities about your position on the issue. You can either do this directly or via AKA’s activism.
  4. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act ensures that only genuine and reliable Mitragynine Speciosa products are available. It also supports the effort to prevent a DEA Kratom ban. Be sure to abide by this act as a consumer.
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Is Banning the Organic Plant the Right Thing to Do?

In our opinion, the DEA should not do such a thing. For example, DEA classifying kratom with other toxic substances will lead to no proper research. If they do try to conduct a study, it will take special permission from DEA, paperwork, and money. However, that is not the worst case.

Banning the product will not stop the manufacturing of herbal products. Since it has been used for so long, many people have grown dependent on it. We all know one way or another, people will get hold of the herb. One way of doing that is through the black market. People will seek out things on the black market, where the items may be polluted or contain hazardous compounds that are unfit for eating.

Is the DAE Kratom Ban in some US states have to do something with the DEA?

While the DEA is trying, the ban imposed on the five US states is the decision of the local state government.

Is a DEA ban possible?

The AKA is trying its best, and vendors sell safe and clean products. However, DEA still sees a problem with that. Although there is no chance for the DEA Kratom ban in 2022, there might be a possibility.

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