Green Borneo Kratom



Green Borneo Kratom

Energy And Pain Relief In One Package

Green Borneo kratom is usually a go-to strain for those needing a boost to get through heavy routines or boring days at the office. Ours comes directly from Indonesia where it is harvested from mature trees primed for the greatest alkaloid content. Our leaves are harvested when they show rich, dark green midribs, which is an indication of maturity.

From there, the leaves undergo the standard two to three day drying time (outdoors), then a separate shaded curing period for several days beyond that. The main reason for this extended time frame is that Green vein Borneo kratom must undergo an average of three days of curing time in an outdoor environment in order to yield the aroma, taste, and alkaloid spectrum that these strains are known for. It also helps achieve the right balance of indole alkaloids.

Our capsules are size “00” with each one containing 525 mg of Green Borneo kratom and our powder is a super fine 40 microns in particle size. This makes it easier to brew kratom teas or when creating skin poultices. Green Borneo is said to have an average duration of effects of around four hours, though this varies with experience.

Our customers look to Borneo strains for increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and help in clearing the mind of mental fog. This strain is also reportedly used to ease anxiety, and for this reason it may stack well with caffeine. With green vein Borneo, increased motivation is not uncommon and is usually accompanied by a general sense of well-being. This strain is not as sedating as red vein kratom, so it stacks nicely with Red Bali or Red Maeng Da

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