In 2016, a bill was brought to the statehouse to define Mitragyna speciosa and put it on the list of drugs that are illegal in Kentucky. The goal of this bill was to put the plant on Schedule I and call it a synthetic opioid. But with help from the AKA and support from users, the bill failed.

In 2017 and 2018, more worries were raised. In another bill, the idea of making a Schedule A list was brought up. This would be a new list of drugs that can’t be bought or sold. Schedule A would include things that are similar to banned substances.

Even though the herb is not an opioid, it has some of the same effects as an opioid. Opioids are illegal, and if the Schedule A list had passed, Mitragyna speciosa would have probably been put in this category. A lot of people were against the bill that would have made it legal. The bill did pass the first hearings, but that was the end of it. A Schedule A list has not been made in any other way.

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So Is the Substance Legal In Kentucky?

Yes, and it is not yet a controlled substance in this state. Despite some bad press, there seem to be a lot of people who like and want kratom in Kentucky. Even though this herbal medicine has been tried to be put on the schedule, supporters have been able to stop it.

So if you have a trip planned and want to use kratom in Kentucky, don’t worry because you can bring the herb with you. But if you use kratom capsules a lot, you should make sure you know how the law is changing. Things can quickly change.

Buying And Shipping

Kratom in Kentucky can be bought at vape shops, smoke shops, specialty shops, and gas stations, among other places. But many people prefer to buy online because they can get a better deal and have it sent right to their homes.

The worry is whether or not they’ll have trouble getting the herb to their house. Even though you might think this, what matters when shipping is where the package is going in the end. Even if your package goes through places where it is illegal, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The AKA is working to get the KCPA passed in all 50 states. This Act will help set rules for the business of Mitragyna speciosa. This will help keep people safe and give sellers a set of rules they have to follow. They keep an eye on legislation at the federal, state, city, and local levels.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)

The KCPA is a bill that will help regulate the Mitragyna speciosa business all over the United States. The KCPA will deal with these issues:

  • Making, selling, distributing, and having Mitragyna speciosa
  • Making, distributing, or selling Mitragyna speciosa that is tainted or changed
  • Any age limits
  • Fines and Punishments
  • Testing Mitragyna speciosa  
  • Labeling Mitragyna speciosa products

The goal of this Act is to make sure that selling Mitragyna speciosa is safe for customers and that vendors follow the rules. The American Kratom Association (AKA) and the Botanical Education Alliance came up with the idea for the KCPA (BEA).

Buying Kratom In Kentucky

There are many places to buy Kratom in Kentucky, such as vape shops, smoke shops, and specialty shops. If you live in or plan to go to Kentucky, you might want to check out these places.


Location: 3765 Nashville Rd, Franklin, KY 42134

Phone: (270) 586-7281

Hours: Sunday – Thursday 8 to 9, Friday – Saturday 8 to 10


Location: 56 Donnermeyer Dr, Bellevue, KY 41073

Phone: (859) 916-8238

Hours: Monday – Friday 11 to 7, Saturday 11 to 6, Sunday 11 to 4


Location: 1415 Leestown Rd, Lexington, KY 40511

Phone: (859) 278-0284

Hours: Saturday 9 to 4


Location: 6430 Nashville Rd, Franklin, KY 42134

Phone: (270) 598-5020

Hours: Sunday – Thursday 8 to 9, Friday – Saturday 8 to 10

Buying the Herb Online

There are some things you should keep in mind when you buy kratom in Kentucky online. Mainly because there aren’t many rules about this business, so there’s a lot of room for fakes and scams. We’ve put together some tips to help you find a reliable source that will sell you high-quality products and give you great customer service.

  • Make sure that the seller you choose is registered with the AKA.
  • Read reviews to find out how other people have dealt with the company.
  • Make sure that all of the products are tested in a lab and that they are 100% Mitragyna Speciosa.
  • Send the company an email with a few questions. This will show you how long it takes for them to answer. If it takes a long time, you might want to look for a different company.


Right now, kratom in Kentucky is completely legal, and there are efforts to regulate it instead of outlawing it. But you should still know about the new rules and policies. The best way to stay up-to-date is to keep up with federal and state publications and read related blogs regularly.

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How long does it take to receive my shipment of Mitragyna speciosa to Kentucky?

Depending on how your shipment gets to Kentucky, it can take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days. There could be a delay because of a holiday or natural disaster.

Who is the target audience of kratom in Kentucky?

White Americans in their 40s and 50s use kratom capsules to treat pain, anxiety, depression, and the effects of coming off opioids.

How big is the Mitragyna speciosa market in the USA?

The AKA says that sales of Mitragyna speciosa online and in smoke shops have already reached $1.3 billion in the U.S. It’s also one of the “new” drugs that the United Nations says is caught the most often around the world.

When was Mitragyna speciosa first sold in the US?

Mitragyna speciosa was first brought to the US in the late 1990s, but wasn’t used much for many years. People have been using kratom products a lot more in recent years. This could be because of the opiate epidemic and people trying to use kratom products to get off opiates.

Is Buying Kratom Capsules In-Store Kentucky Safe?

Yes, but it depends mostly on the seller. The only bad thing about physical stores selling kratom in Kentucky is that many of them don’t know much about the herb, so they don’t take care of it as well as they should. The herb can go bad in as little as two to three months if not stored well.

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