Kratom comes from the “Mitragyna Speciosa” tree, native to Southeast Asia, New Guinea and the Philippines. Individuals from these respective regions chop off the herb and take it in the form of tea, capsules and powder. Currently, kratom tea has earned massive popularity for both its energizing and calming properties. People consume kratom by brewing tea using the herb to fight exhaustion and gain efficiency in their endeavors.

Kratom consists of 7-a-hydromytragine, and mitragynine which interact with receptors in the brain and help you restore your inner calm. Mitragynine also reacts with several other receptors which results in better focus and optimized cognitive function.

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How To Brew Kratom Tea?

Kratom tea is one of the most convenient methods of consuming it if you are well-versed in its method of preparation. It can be consumed both hot and cold. It does have bitter undertones but that can be taken care of with the help of a sweetener when consumed in the form of tea. Several individuals prefer to consume it when chilled.

If you are unaware of the methods you can use to prepare kratom tea, then don’t worry we have got you covered!

Powder Kratom Tea

The most popular and easiest mode of consuming kratom is preparing basic kratom tea. For this, you need to brew your herb powder directly into the water. You need to first boil a cup or two of water in a saucepan. Next, you need to vigorously stir kratom powder into boiling water so that no clumps are formed.

Further, lower the heat to your saucepan, and let the water simmer for around 15-30 minutes, the time is entirely to your preference as the alkaloids in Mitragyna are capable of enduring the heat. Once you are certain that the mixture is according to your taste, pour it into a mug and strain it so that any residual powder is eliminated.

Empty Kratom Tea Bags

Often individuals tend to avoid the hassle of brewing tea in a saucepan, and honestly, it can be a bit messy. For this, you can use empty tea bags and fill them up with your botanical element.

Empty tea bags are widely accessible in the markets or you can go economical and re-use your old ones. Through this method, you can conveniently manage your dosage based on day-to-day requirements. You can also stock your tea bags with multiple-sized dosages to choose from depending on the hour or the mood you choose to consume in.

Crushed Leaf

Preparing kratom tea with crushed leaves is a spectacular alternative for individuals who dislike the tea’s texture. Firstly, you need to heat 8 oz water in a saucepan, but do not let it boil just yet. Fill the plant’s crushed leaves in an empty tea bag with the dosage of your preference.

Place the tea bag in the bottom of your container, be it a teapot or a french press. Fill the water in the teapot and let it steep. Make sure to keep in mind that the longer you let it steep, the richer the flavor. Lastly, remove the tea bag and strain the tea into a cup.

Add apple cider vinegar and the sweetener of your choice to further enrich the taste. Drink it immediately to secure the best experience.

Iced Kratom Tea

With this particular botanical wonder, the possibilities are endless. If you prefer sweet teas or despise hot beverages, then you can have this delicious version of iced tea. The sweet kratom iced tea can give you a perfectly balanced beverage for a sunny day.

It is also a great way of masking the herb’s significant bitter taste. To prepare this, you will first have to brew the basic powdered herb tea and add two large slices of ginger to it while it is still hot. Let the ginger steep for a good 5 minutes. Next, pour the tea through a strainer into a mixing jug and add two tablespoons of honey, and mix until it completely dissolves.

To further enrich the taste you will need to add half a cup of orange juice and half a cup of pineapple juice to the mixture. Finally, add ice to a tall glass, and serve the drink.

Coffee Filters

Another splendid way of brewing your herbal tea is by using coffee filters. Firstly, cut out your coffee filter in a rectangle, and place your substance dose in the centre. Keep in mind while cutting that you’ll be folding the filter later.

Once you have placed the powder in the centre, fold the sides of the rectangle over the middle. Next, set your finger in the centre and fold the two sides up into each other. Now fold the top down and put a piece of baker’s twine on top of it. Staple it all together. Now it will be easier for you to insert and remove the teabag from the water altogether.

Muslin Or Cheesecloth

This is yet one of the methods of brewing your herbal tea. You will require either muslin or cheesecloth for this method. They need to be cut into squares large enough to hold the powder. Making use of double pieces of cloth is highly recommended to prevent the powder from leaking while your tea gets brewed.

Place your dose of the plant in the centre of the cloth and bring the corners together. Next, you need to twist the top and secure it with a baker’s twine. As the baker’s twine is intended for food use, it is recommended that you tie your cheesecloth or muslin with it.

Sun Tea

This is a great method to prepare kratom tea in large batches to store for drinking throughout the week, or to serve at large get-togethers, and large-scale events. However, in this method UV light is used to brew your tea, which is less effective than the heat on your stove, Thus, the dose may not provide the exact kick.

For this, you will need to add water to a one-gallon jug. Use your empty tea bags to fill them up with crushed leaves of the botanical, making sure to not fill them to the brim. Secure the tea bag, and put it in the jug. Now, stir well.

Find a location with maximum exposure to sunlight, and put your jug there. Leave it exposed for at least 1 hour but not exceeding 5. Make sure that your jug is sealed. Later, remove the tea bags, and reseal the jug. Place it in the refrigerator to let it cool. The beverage would be good to drink for a few upcoming weeks.

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Tea Infuser

One of the easiest ways of brewing kratom tea is by using a tea infuser. For this, you’ll require a tea infuser and some empty tea bags. The herb powder might leak through the infuser’s holes, thus direct exposure is not a wise choice.

Here, you can opt for an empty tea bag. Unfold one, and cover the tea infuser with it from the inside. You can alternatively go for muslin or cheesecloth as well. Once the infuser is properly covered, you can use the powder normally and brew your tea.

Kratom is a great way to keep your body energized and calm. Brewing tea from its powder is a great way of consuming it, as the active compounds get released and the substance becomes biocompatible helping your body to absorb it better. The above-stated recipes are all easy and simple. They can be opted for by both veteran and first-time kratom tea drinkers.

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